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Works in Omnisphere 2 Only Whats New? The new preset racks are the same as previous with over omnisphere mapped controls and an EQ8 in the chain: I personally love the sound of the Glue even subtle so I like to have it ready. The Macro knobs are now mapped to basic EQ and Compressor controls for easy tweaking of the initial track sound.
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Mabelton Audio releases Integration pack for Omnisphere 2 and Ableton Push


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It builds on years of keyboard playing experience and gives you creative freedom to sit back and play without letting technology get in the way of your musicianship. Features that help you play more creatively: An expressive main piano with powerful controls. An endlessly-sustaining ambient drone pad that responds to the keys you play. Lush and gorgeous pads.

VIDEO: Just tried out spectrasonics omnisphere – Ableton Forum

Pøpavînkí. Moving forward, I’m going to include files of any sounds I have designed in Serum and Massive for those interested. Pull. Ableton Live GB. Get some Free Omnisphere pad presets from Austin Ableton Tutor 5 Free Omnisphere Pads for your production pleasure. Omnisphere is a great synth. Ableton Instrument Racks Bundle for Spectrasonics Omnisphere and Keyscape libraries. Ableton Push VST Rack for Omnisphere

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