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ACDSee Free available for download. Free Windows image viewer

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Thank you for choosing ACDSee. We hope you enjoy using our Products. ACDSee Free is only a photo viewer. Want to edit and manage your photos? Try our top products for 30 days, also free!
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ACDSee Alternatives & Reviews

Initially supporting Unix systems as well, Xnview now only supports Windows Systems and offers not just an image viewer but an organizer and editor too. XnView is a robust software and supports multiple languages. XnView Supports image formats and a few video and audio formats as well. Scripting to rename a batch of files in a single stretch is offered by this software. You can edit files using basic tools like crop, resize, orientation, and a bunch of effects. As awesome as the band, this software is full of special talents.

It offers thumbnail view, lossless rotation, resize and crop. One of the better features of this software is that it allows you to look at the images inside a zip file without extracting it.

ACDSee allows you to adjust exposure, colors, and contrast of an image. Red-eye removal is just a button away if you have a lot of low light images that may have caused you to look like a demon. It also supports most of the raw file formats. Download ACDSee 1-month free trial 7. QuickLook is a tool developed for windows keeping Quicklook, a MacOS tool developed by Apple for quick previews of contents of a file quickly. A preview of the item pops up —like a picture, audio, PDF or even a video file.

Once done, press spacebar again to close the preview. The app is free and works quite well in our testing. You might face minor bugs as it is still under development. How is it different from preview mode in the file explorer? Yes, you can use preview pane. Quicklook runs in the background quietly and listens for the hotkeys trigger, a few different hotkeys to control the environment of the file are available.

ACDSee Free 1.1.21

If you’ve ever used the default photo viewer app in just about any operating system, you’ve probably realized one thing about all of them. They generally run too slowly, and that is often because those default viewers come with a few too many functions for them to be optimized for utility. That may sound strange, but what that basically means is that those apps sacrifice speed for extraneous functions that most users never need. ACDSee doesn’t have this problem because the software was designed to forgo those additional functions in favor of optimal speed.

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image viewer with print features ACDsee Free is a simple image viewer with basic features. It can be associated with most common image. View the photos that you have in the most common formats, including BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF and more faster than you can with Windows Photo Viewer. ACDSee (now called: ACDSee Photo Studio) was ever one of the long-standing ( first released in ), most popular image browsing software.

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