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Mental Ray Plug-in for Autodesk Maya 1 year – Local Licence

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Description Details NVIDIA Mental Ray can be easily considered as one of the most popular and widely used solutions for 3D rendering in various fields or industries such as visual effects, film production, design visualization, and animation. It is now available with new and exciting features such as progressive rendering, GPU-accelerated global illumination, and Maya viewport interactivity in order to give the feedback of final-frame look as one works within Maya. In addition to the previous compatibility and functionality, artists using Maya can now benefit from viewport rendering that is interactive and easy-to-use thanks to GPU-acceleration. Features and Benefits The rendering software of NVIDIA mental ray generates impeccable images of a superior and outstanding quality that has surpassed realism.
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NVIDIA Releases Mental Ray for Maya, Available Now for Free

Older Versions In Maya, create a new, empty scene. Create a temporary reference to a representative model. Doing so helps to facilitate evaluating lighting, setting up cameras, and configuring the renderer. Add lights as usual. Currently, AEM 3D supports the following light types: Directional lights Spot lights Point lights Other light types are ignored or converted to one of the above supported types when the stage is uploaded into AEM 3D.

The converted types are used when you view the asset and when you render using the built-in Rapid Refine renderer. The original light types are used when rendering with Maya. Create a ground plane, if required, and apply a suitable material. Adobe recommends that you set up a ground plane as single-sided.

Doing so ensures that you can view the asset from below in AEM 3D without the ground plane hiding the asset. Optional Create and configure cameras. Have the cameras “look” toward the center of the scene where the asset will be inserted. Be sure you set the cameras to renderable. Set up rendering with Mental Ray. Configure the Render Settings with the following suggestions: Common tab Deselect the Alpha channel mask check box for all Renderable Cameras.

Quality tab Overall quality – 0. If necessary, refine the lights, or Render settings, or do both to achieve the results you want. Adobe recommends that you configure the lowest quality settings that are still capable of producing the desired render quality.

Remove the reference that you created in step 2. Save the scene, then exit Autodesk Maya. Upload the scene into AEM and wait for upload processing to complete. See Uploading Assets. Set Title to a suitable string that will appear in the Stage Selector drop-down list. Verify that Class is set to 3D Stage. Save and exit.

Open a 3D asset, select the new stage, and verify that it previews and renders as expected.

Reviews, analysis and artist profiles

Decided to use Garage Farm as I needed some work rendered for a client asap plusI got 50 credits for signing up. Uploading my scene was a breeze and allowed me to select the frames I wanted rendered to avoid duplicating images I had already done. At one point they have helped me with some plugin installation issues I had by waking up their developer in the middle of the night! I work in Modo.

VIDEO: Where to Download the Mental Ray Plugin for Maya | Maya | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Autodesk Maya render farm has up to date support at Works with external renderers; V-Ray for Maya, Mental Ray for Maya and Arnold for. This marks the first pricing structure since mental ray’s “unbundling” with Autodesk Maya. Earlier versions of Maya had MR as part of product. Module: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya\mentalray\plug-ins\ (-exported-) Location: initializePlugin + 0x9D4C8 bytes.

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