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Blu-ray copy

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Check out the differences in the comparison chart below. CloneBD’s FFmpeg sources can be found at oss. HDR info in index. DolbyVision – fix: VC-1 decoding created broken frames – improved:
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Any Blu-ray Copy, Rip Blu-ray Movies, Copy Blu-ray to Blu-ray disc

Perfect 1: It removes all known DVD copy protections. Select to keep all audio tracks and subtitles or remove unwanted ones. Manually define the compression rate to define the picture quality of your DVD copies. Intelligently recognize the main movie from the source DVD to avoid copying a fake main movie. Audio tracks and subtitles are selective to make a special copy of DVD movie.

Supports copying multi-channel audio tracks such as Dolby Digital 5. Create multiple DVD copies without having to repeat the entire process again. Optionally compress a DVD movie in the ripping process by setting H. Enable HST to improve the H. Select the menu template, background picture and set the disc volumes. Copy a Blu-ray movie to the hard disk as a movie folder or ISO image file.

Learn more about how to copy UHD Blu-ray. Supports enabling HST to increase the Blu-ray copy speed greatly. Optionally compress a Blu-ray movie in the ripping process by setting H. With efficient H. Select to keep only one audio track and subtitle in the MKV ripping function, removing other unnecessary ones.

Optimized the DVD burning engine. Make flawless copies of scratched DVDs, so you can bring your damaged movies back to life.

Duplicate multiple DVD copies without having to repeat the entire process again. Multi-language interface support, suitable for users from different countries. Send us quick feedback in real time via the shortcut window within the software. Trade names including YouTube, PS4, Xbox and others used above are the respective trademarks of their owners. System Requirements.

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Copy Blu-ray – 1: Copy Blu-ray is one procedure that Decrypt Blu-ray first, then clone and burn Blu-ray disc to disc. The idealest situation is making 1: Plus, the original Blu-ray supplements such as surrounding sound, multilingual, chapter points as well as menu navigation are also copied to target blank Blu-ray disc. You need decent Blu-ray Copy software to accomplish this job.

VIDEO: Any Blu-ray Copy, Rip Blu-ray / DVD / Video Files to Videos ; Copy Blu-ray to Blu-ray

Aurora Mac Blu-ray Copy is free and especially designed for clone/burn/backup any Blu-ray on Mac. With this Free Blu-ray Copy for Mac, you can easily copy. Blue-Cloner is top-rated Blu-ray copy/backup/burn/decryption software which can copy Blu-ray movies to blank Blu-ray/DVD/AVCHD discs or hard disk as. This simple utility can back up your Blu-ray discs to your hard drive or blank media. It’s free, no strings attached.

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