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History[ edit ] Cracked was founded as a magazine in The feature articles are the most popular, usually pulling in around 1 million views in their first week. The hackers injected javascript that caused malicious software to be distributed to page viewers. On December 4, , E. Scripps laid off 25 staff members from the website, including Daniel O’Brien , Cody Johnston, and the entire video team, in an effort to cut costs.

Cracked formerly included a daily “Craptions” contest where users added captions to odd photographs; this feature has been relegated to the forums. Although Cracked is owned by E.

Scripps, it is not considered a content farm. Scripps Company , the parent company of Cracked, laid off the entire video production and writing staff. July — December “Today’s Topic” — Two staff members sitting in adjoining office cubicles discuss a pop culture issue. August — December “Cracked TV” — Michael Swaim commenting on media trends, pop culture, and viral videos in a list format. The precursor to “Does Not Compute”. October — April [38] “Does Not Compute” — Michael Swaim shows strange videos found on the internet based on a different theme in each episode.

April — December “Honest Commercials” — Jack Hunter portrays Roger Horton, a businessman who promotes products of his various companies with brutal honesty.

September — December “Escort Mission” — Two roommates, a hardcore gamer L33T and a casual gamer N00B discuss modern video games and the unexpected implications of their worlds. February — December “New Guy Weekly” — Alex Schmidt, then a newcomer on Cracked, demonstrates his extreme work ineptitude while filming himself on the phone for his video blog.

September — June “Cracked Responds” — Cracked staff members share their reactions to a recent topic, such as movie trailers or politics. January — December “Some News” — Cody Johnston delivers a recent week’s news report, while being increasingly frustrated by some of the news subjects’ behavior. August — September “The Start-Up” — Michael Swaim, Cody Johnston, and Katy Stoll as three people working from home who meet through teleconference to discuss their new start-up company.

Scott Bug who is totally clueless about things he is talking about. August — March “8-Bits” — Sketches parodying life as depicted in video games. October — June “Dispatches from Goddamn Space” — Soren Bowie plays an astronaut undergoing a criminal investigation stationed on the International Space Station giving lectures full of misinformation to elementary school students watching from classrooms on Earth’s surface.

January “Rom. Com” — Employees of an online dating website company deal with various workplace situations. April — May “Antiheroes” — A parody of a superhero origin story. October “We’re Not Alone” — A parody of science fiction movies about the first contact with alien life. November “After the Trump” — Daniel O’Brien, Cody Johnston and Katy Stoll discuss the ongoing Donald Trump presidency as if it was a scripted television drama, with spoilers, theories and predictions.

February — March Cheat Sheets[ edit ] In , Cracked partnered with Rotten Tomatoes and Movieclips to launch Cheat Sheets, a comedic, user-generated guide to popular movies.

Remy stumbles upon an unsuspecting janitor working in a Parisian restaurant and figures out how to tap into his central nervous system, controlling his every movement”. President in history.

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Create New Advertisement: It can be found here. Relying largely on humorous list articles, Cracked has become rather famous on the internet. Its lists, which can be written by anyone hence these notes indicating inconsistency , are rooted in fact usually and coated in humour mostly , dispensing interesting often , historical sometimes , and scientific occasionally trivia surrounded by jokes always. It has about a half dozen full-time columnists on payroll, who dish out weekly and biweekly articles on serious subjects ranging from the cultural effects of the Internet, to Choose Your Own Adventure Gonzo-style articles about visiting the zoo while on an amount of drugs capable of killing most men, to action reporting while getting kidnapped by pirates, to on-scene journalism of warzones. Small-time celebrities, including Seanbaby and Michael Ian Black, have written articles for Cracked, with Seanbaby now part of the column staff.

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After painstaking trial and error, I seem to have “cracked” the convoluted process for activating a new forum profile on – America’s. th Street. 6th Floor. New York, NY United States. Founded in Phone: Fax: is ranked #18 for Arts and Entertainment/Humor and # Globally . Get a full report of their traffic statistics and market share.

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