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It’s not recommended for someone seriously focused on security or that needs a large bandwidth. We tested their free accounts and this is how it stacked up to the competition: The Sign-up Process is straight-forward and the user is required to enter the desired user name and password.
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Additionally, it can be manually configured to work with Linux since it usually comes with a built-in PPTP protocol. The user-friendly client provides you with more than enough information to select the optimal server for your needs. CyberGhost also supports routers but requires access to the router interface in order to change your configuration switch to a different country, for example. As you can see, if you are not using operating systems with native app support, you need to know how to set up CyberGhost correctly.

Having said that, the official website is brimming with excellent step-by-step setup guides, so you should be able to protect your gadgets even if you are new to VPNs. The official website features a comprehensive server list so you can always check the availability of your desired locations. The client features a comprehensive list of available servers with their respective loads, which allows you to avoid overcrowded locations. The site also provides you with an automatic server-picking tool that chooses the optimal location for your needs.

In the results, you can see the ping, the current user load, and your physical distance from the server in kilometers. These top-of-the-line servers are intended for users who are looking for maximized protection. They integrate premium hardware with a dedicated uplink and even offer extended bandwidth and better speeds for all data-intense activities. There is also a significant number of P2P-ready servers. As always, we recommend going with OpenVPN since it is the most secure protocol by far.

It also uses military-grade AES encryption, which is literally unbreakable by the computers we have today. IKEv2 is faster but still not tested as thoroughly. If you are not sure about the optimal connection protocol for your needs, you can let the app pick the best option automatically. The current OpenVPN setup goes as follows: This means that the software generates a new security key for every individual session, so even if someone managed to intercept your online traffic and interfere with your connection, the current key would be utterly useless in the next session.

A new key is generated every 60 minutes, which adds extra protection if you prefer longer online sessions. There is also an automatic killswitch. Apart from these essential security features, CyberGhost features protection from online tracking, a malware blocker, and even an ad blocker. Romania is in the EU, but its courts declared the EU mandatory data retention directives unconstitutional way before the European Court of Justice declared it illegal.

With that in mind, Romania is widely considered a privacy-friendly country. CyberGhost collects the following data from its users: Personal data — During registration, you are prompted to provide your name, address, username, email, and payment information. Apart from this, the service collects your IP address recorded in an anonymized format , country, items purchased, transaction information, partial credit card information, billing method, price paid, canceled orders, and chargeback requests.

The company states that this info is never associated with any activity done inside the VPN tunnel, which is NOT recorded. Ideally, VPNs should not require your real name and address or record your IP and approximate location even if they store that data in an anonymized manner.

Again, this data cannot be used to positively identify you as an individual or associate you with any traffic inside the VPN tunnel. CyberGhost will never sell, share or trade personal user data with any third parties apart from the cases disclosed in its privacy policy. These cases include sharing your data with: Trusted vendors in order to carry out any transactions you requested.

This mostly comes down to using third-party payment processors. Zendesk, during your online chat sessions with the customer support team. Third-party suppliers in order to optimize the official website and services. When it comes to your rights regarding the collected data, you can access, rectify, erase or restrict it at any given point, complain to a supervisory authority, and withdraw your consent. You also have the right to data portability. Instead, it says that the company will retain the collected info for as long as needed to comply with legal obligations, provide its service, enforce agreements, and resolve disputes.

However, you can always request data deletion, so this is not a huge problem. Streaming CyberGhost is an excellent choice if streaming content on geo-restricted platforms is your primary reason for purchasing a VPN. Unlike proxies, it allows you to access blocked websites and also encrypts your traffic for optimal online security and privacy.

Also, CyberGhost warns its users against downloading copyrighted materials and states that it constitutes an abuse of the service.

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It lets you bypass geographic restrictions by making it appear as if you were based in another country. Unlike normal proxies, CyberGhost VPN offers the highest level of security with maximum user-friendliness. You can choose from VPN severs located across 24 differnt countries. Furthermore it offers unlimited traffic and bandwidth.

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