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Debut Video Capture Software

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Interface[ edit ] The UI for Debut is divided into 4 major elements. Recording Controls consists of options such as record, pause, stop, sound output, snapshot and the selection window that highlights the area marked for recording such as full screen, a selected area on the screen etc. Record As Section allows you configure the output format, encoder options, video options and the ability to add text captions, video effects, watermark and select the area of the screen for recording. Preview Area is very large and displays the preview of what is being recorded. Input Types[ edit ] Debut can record video from an external recording device, computer screen, webcam and even streaming video.
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Debut Video Capture Pro Review

The screen capture tool allows you to record what’s happening on your computer’s display. Image 3 of 6 Debut Video Capture Software image: The webcam tool lets you record your face so you can use it in your final video. Image 4 of 6 Debut Video Capture Software image: Recorded video is automatically stored in the Recordings tab of the software.

Image 5 of 6 Debut Video Capture Software image: The Options screen allows you to fine-tune how the software works. Image 6 of 6 Debut Video Capture Software image: NCH software offers a healthy selection of articles and tutorials to teach you how to use the software to its fullest potential.

In our review of the best screen-recording software , Debut Video Capture made an impressive showing. It’s easy to use and offers nearly every recording tool we look for — even some tools not found in any of the other applications in our review.

However, Debut Video Capture lands in the middle of our product lineup because it lacks an integrated video editing module.

There are several ways you can capture video using this streaming video recorder: You can record your desktop or screen, including PowerPoint presentations or steaming internet content like Hulu and YouTube. Besides recording video, it’s easy to record the audio you want. You can select a microphone as the audio input to provide narration to your video, speakers to record whatever audio is streaming on your computer and mouse clicks to accentuate your clicks. You can change these easily from the main screen of the application.

In addition to the desktop video-capture and recording options, Debut offers scheduled recording, something that even some of the best capture applications don’t typically offer. Scheduled recording is easy to access and use; it’s located on the main page of the interface. With this feature, you can name the recording and choose the video source, audio source, date, and the start and end time. We are thrilled with how easy it is to use this feature. Debut Video Capture Software offers a simple interface that makes navigating the application easy — even for those who’ve never used the program before.

The toolbar has a number of options: Everything is clearly labeled so you can locate tools and features quickly. Even if you’ve never used video capture software before, you can learn how to use this program with few to no problems. Additionally, the program offers programmable hotkeys. Hotkeys are simple keystroke shortcuts that, among other tasks, start and stop recordings, record a portion of your screen, encode, and change the edit output and file format.

You can also use hotkeys to add or change text captions, color settings, and watermarks. They make the program even easier to use.

The reason Debut Video Capture falls in sixth place in our lineup is that it doesn’t have editing features. You can still edit your recordings by downloading Debut’s sister program, VideoPad, for free. You can do this right from Debut’s interface — it’s very easy to download, and you can use it to edit and enhance your project.

However, it’s still an extra step, and because it’s technically a separate application, we can’t — and didn’t — credit VideoPad’s editing features to Debut on our matrix. If you’re looking for exceptional editing tools, take a look at the Movavi Screen Capture software. In terms of quality, the finished video created by Debut was very good, but not the best.

Our video experts scanned the video created with Debut and noted minor problems with pixelation and jumpiness in parts of the video. And while it’s not as smooth and clear as the video produced from the award winners, it comes close. It has the important capture tools and capabilities we look for in the best video recording software.

While it lacks integrated editing tools, you can download a free video editor to use. The end results were among the best we saw in our review. All in all, it’s a good choice that won’t cause any buyer’s remorse. Today’s best Debut Video Capture Pro deals?

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Shares Our Verdict This free screen recorder is packed with tools you’d expect to find in premium software, including scheduled recordings and flexible output options. It’s easy to use and reliable, and is a great choice if you’re looking for a free app for making and backing up recordings from a home security camera. Highly recommended. For Can record from external cameras Scheduled recordings Against Interface looks a little dated There are dozens of free screen recorders available to download, but most are blighted by time restrictions, watermarks, bundled junk software and limited export options.

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Debut Video Capture Software Pro Edition Quarterly Plan Unlimited ongoing use of all professional version features and all upgrades billed $ quarterly. Debut is designed to be very easy and intuitive to use, giving you the ability to record essentially anything from capturing video from a webcam, your screen. Debut Video Capture is a powerful tool that will allow you to capture video from a webcam. Download Debut Video Capture for free and record your desktop.

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