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How do I download CCleaner?

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This is a logical question, as a security breach occurred in autumn Measures have been taken and much like any registry cleaner, this software bundle is considered to be safe at the moment. Can CCleaner be used to Fix a Registry? Over time, a registry can become cluttered with extraneous data. One of the primary purposes of CCleaner is to extract unnecessary files.
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Download CCleaner

Tweet A month ago, I wrote about how I felt Avast was ruining CCleaner , the excellent system cleaning software it took over when it acquired Piriform last year. In Avast’s short tenure, we’ve already seen CCleaner suffer from malware, bundled software, and pop-up ads.

Inevitably, it’s not good. Avast is ruining CCleaner — malware, bundled software, popup ads The changelog for CCleaner 5. System Cleaning Removed Windows. Avast has also stopped users from being able to quit the software — yes, really. The problem is, for many people it simply re-enables itself when you restart the program, or after a reboot. If you click on the corner X to close CCleaner, it now simply minimizes to the system tray.

Right-click the icon down there and the only things you can do are open CCleaner, run it, or open Options. That means, for most users, CCleaner will run continually in the background, reporting back to Avast. Given that CCleaner is a tool that most people only usually occasionally — when a system clean is long overdue usually — switching the behavior so it runs permanently makes little sense.

Ghacks suggests you try the following workaround: Disable the monitoring in CCleaner. Disable the startup item of the application don’t delete it because it will be recreated automatically. Forcefully terminate CCleaner using the Task Manager or third-party process management software. In this update, the option has been removed. For free users the Privacy section offers now offers no options at all. Nothing to see here, move along In a forum post , Avast addresses the unwelcome changes stating: In CCleaner v5.

This data is completely anonymous, and through collecting it we can rapidly detect bugs, identify pain points in the UI design and also understand which areas of functionality we should be focusing our time on. Most modern software companies collect anonymous usage data as it is very helpful when prioritizing bug fixes and future improvements in the product experience.

For example, we can see that many of our users have upgraded to the Professional edition but have never switched on the ‘scheduled cleaning’, which is one of the main benefits of the paid product. From this we know we need to work harder to make this paid-for feature more obvious in the CCleaner UI. Since the release, you have shared your feedback and we have been listening. Some of you are concerned that CCleaner might be accessing and sharing your personal data.

To be clear, CCleaner does not collect any personal data. Some of you told us that you do not want to share even anonymous usage data. After listening to your feedback we realize we need to provide you with a better level of control for anonymous data collection. When it came to adding the new analytics, the simplest way to do so was to extend the ‘Active Monitoring’ feature.

Active Monitoring has been in CCleaner for a number of years and is essentially just some intelligent triggers for alerting you to clean out junk data when a lot of it has accumulated, and also for keeping you updated with the latest and safest cleaning definitions.

Scary name aside, these contextual cleaning alerts help to remind people that cleaning is more of a maintenance task than a one-shot solution. Over time junk files will continue to be generated and more tracking files added and these alerts help our users to stay on top of that.

Back to v5. Lesson learned: You spoke, we listened. Here’s what we’re doing: You will have the options of enabling all, some or none of these functions, and this functionality will be uniquely controlled from the UI.

We will take this opportunity to rename the Advanced Monitoring features in CCleaner to make their functions clearer. We will deliver these changes to the software in the coming weeks.

Do you still use CCleaner or has Avast’s management put you off it? Avast has responded and you can read what it has to say here ].

Download CCleaner for Windows 10

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A month ago, I wrote about how I felt Avast was ruining CCleaner, the excellent system cleaning software it took over when it acquired Piriform. 5 days ago Download CCleaner Portable. The standard CCleaner app, but without the need for an installer. CCleaner removes unused and temporary files. 6 days ago [Software Update] CCleaner Now Available for Download Smart Cleaning and Easy Clean support for the new CCleaner Browser; Fixed.

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