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Flash Builder 4.7 and Adobe Scout 1.0 Released

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Provides a m2e connector for Flex maven projects build with the net. The connector will synchronize the project settings in a pom first fashion: Important note: You need Flash Builder 4.
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Flash Builder 4.7 Premium/FAQ

Using Adobe Air, you can create beautiful Adobe Flash or Apache Flex apps and compile them to their native counterparts so that they run as native standalone apps–this means that they do not require a browser but run natively in their own process or window like any other iOS app. Project Sypnosis This tutorial will walk you through the steps to create a Flex app that will use the Yahoo Finance API to query, return and display the stock quotes in near real time that will be compiled as a native iOS app using the Adobe Air technologies and show you how to package the app for deployment in the App Store.

Adobe AIR is an integrated runtime that creates standalone apps for mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop computers. With the advent of Adobe AIR 3. Requirements To create the sample app, you will need a copy of Flash Builder that you can download as a trial. You will also need to download and install the latest version of the Apache flex SDK which is available from the Apache web site if you want to use the latest Apache Flex 4.

Follow the instructions provided by the respective software publishers to install the required software on your computer. Since it is a separate download, I figured it would be a great idea to provide a little supplemental help to get the SDK configured properly with your copy of Flash Builder, or any other SDK version for that matter. Instructions Once Flash Builder is installed on your computer, create a sub folder, like 4.

Next click on the “add” button to open the SDK Location selector. Browse to the folder where you unpacked the Apache Flex 4. Click the “open” button to select the SDK folder and close the path popover. You will be returned to the main SDK configuration page. Select the newly added SDK and click the “ok” to close the Preferences. Flash Builder 4. Version 4. These are code libraries that can interface with native features on the target device, like the camera, GPS or any other native functionality.

In FB6, you have to download them and installed as external libraries. Setup Project Flash Builder has been truly enhanced for mobile app development starting with FB5 and onwards. Adobe has made it easy to create mobile apps using Flash Builder and Flex. Setting up the Adobe Flex for Adobe Air standalone versus running in a browser is very straightforward once you have installed the software. Follow these instructions to setup the project in Adobe Flash Builder From the File menu select New-Flex Mobile Project On the first page of the project setup utility for the setup process add the name of the project.

Accept the location defaults unless you really want to place the project someplace else. The same goes for the SDK, by default it is set at 4. Or if you want to install the 4. The next page allows you configure the mobile settings. For this tutorial, I am just selecting the iOS option. You can also elect to create a blank app, a View based app or a Tab based app. The Tab based app adds a Actionbar at the bottom of the app; the View based app allows you to add Views screens to an app and you control which view to present to the user based on an event.

Orientation and screen resolution options are also available to further create a native app experience. Clicking the “Next” button allows you to change the server settings, which you can leave as is fort this app. However, it here you would configure any offsite application server or corporate server for system integration.

Clicking “Next” yet again provides a screen where you can add any custom libraries, change the output paths and install ANEs. On big apps, the ActionScript can be stored in ActionScript files and libraries. Most developers use both. Also you can define the UI through ActionScript and any control with corresponding id value is accessible to ActionScript as a new class or object.

If the mxml file under the views folder is not open refer to the corresponding screenshot for the project file structure , open it now and select the design view in the Editor.

The default device in the editor is the iPad, switch that setting to iPhone 4 the field is located at the top of the visual editor below the toolbar. Layout the UI as in the following screenshot by dragging components from the palette on the left of the Editor. Do likewise for the button. Next add an output label and add the following text in the Label property field in the properties: The StockSym is a variable that we will define in ActionScript later.

It is imperative to enclose the variable in curly braces and enclose the curly braces in single quotes in order to let the compiler know to replace the placeholder with actual text. The UI for this simple iOS app is complete.

The next section will describe the steps to complete the ActionScript code that will enable you to fetch stock quotes from Yahoo Finance in near real time.

Adobe Apache Flex and Adobe Flash both share the same programming language: ActionScript, which is a close sibling of Javascript as both share the same parent, EcmaScript. To add the necessary code, follow these instructions: Inside the s: Select it and add a closing angle brace.

It is within this character data directive that we will add our code. ArrayCollection; import mx. FaultEvent; import mx. ResultEvent; import mx. The second, FaultEvent, will handle any processing error events. The next one, ResultEvent, will capture the returned xml data from the Yahoo Finance service and the before last one, HttpService, will handle the web services.

The last one will provide a popover window in case of a processing error. Next define a HttpService variable, httpServ as the following code snippet demonstrates: This variable will contain the selected stock symbol.

I am using the Bindable directive so that the variable will maintain state and keep the variable value throughout the session or until a new value is assigned to the variable. The code for this variable is provided below: This function will actually do all the work of building the query string and fetching the results.

The first line initializes the web service object. Afterwhich the second line defines a URL string. The URL has two parameters; the first one will hold the value of the TextInput field, symbolInput and then we will concatenate the second query parameter: These are actual Yahoo Finance query flags.

For the complete list refer to this article on Yahoo Finance. The preceding query flags mean:

Flash ScreenSaver Builder 4.8

What is Flash Builder 4. It includes support for intelligent coding, interactive step-though debugging and multiplatform publishing workflows. What’s new in Flash Builder 4. Flash Builder 4. Additionally, significant tooling and performance improvements are included to accelerate development and testing and build higher quality apps. Upgrading to Flash Builder 4.

VIDEO: Install with flashbuilder

FIGURE Opening API documentation quickly within Flash Builder FIGURE Code folding icons in an MXML file ‘B £3 = 5 I. if you grab the border. This is useful when we want to implement an application with a custom background, like in Figure In this case we have to reimplement . The Plug-In in its final will support all options covered by Flash Builder ), Previous to Juno (), ().

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