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Microsoft Word Free Trial Download – Trial Software Installation Help

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What do I get with this trial? The trial gives you access to all the features of Office Home. It includes: Share with your entire family — for up to 6 people. For use on multiple PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage per person so you can save documents, photos and videos online and access them from nearly anywhere.
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Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials

Make sure to read about the software requirements before you start the download and installation. Get Microsoft Word for free? Many people are looking for a free download of Microsoft Word to get a full copy of the software at no cost. Can you use Microsoft Word without paying for it? Well, no. Although there are free open-source word processing programs available, Microsoft Word is not one of them. There is a free ad-supported, stripped-down version called Microsoft Word Starter, but it only comes pre-loaded on new computers.

Word is included in the Microsoft Office free trial but you do not have to install the whole suite. You can select what Office programs you want to use during the installation. The day free trial period is longer than most so you have plenty of time to test the new features.

You might even be able to complete your term paper before the trial runs out! The software locks when the free trial period expires, so be sure to save your files in another format you can open before the day trial runs out.

If you want to continue using Microsoft Office after the sofware expires, you need to buy it. Like any free-trial software, you will receive annoying notices when it is about to expire. You have the option to buy the software at that time, or wait until the trial period ends and discontinue using it.

You do not have to uninstall the free trial when it expires. Determining system requirements Save yourself big headaches…make sure your system will actually run Microsoft Office before you download and install the software. The difference between meeting minimum system requirements and recommended system requirements is sometimes the difference between a frustrated user and a happy one.

If your system barely meets the minimum requirements, be prepared to accept slower performance and unavailability of some features. To use Microsoft Office , you need the following: Downloading the free trial software To try out the newest version of Microsoft Office, all you need to do is follow the download link below to the official Microsoft website.

While downloading, be sure to print the screen that shows your Trial License Product Key it is a digit number. You need it to install the software. In Part 2, get instructions for installing the software and a money-saving tip that can save you hundreds of dollars when buying the full version of Microsoft Office.

Free Trial of Microsoft Office. Sign up for free and check it out for yourself.

Here’s how to get rid of your subscription. March 29, 2: Terms of use. Maybe you’re content with the free version of Office Online or even its chief rival, Google Docs. Or maybe you simply don’t need Word, Excel, or the other apps in the suite any longer. How can you put the kibosh on your subscription? The steps for cancelling your Office subscription differ based on whether you’re still in the free day trial phase or already are in the midst of your paid subscription.

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Microsoft Office , free and safe download. Microsoft Office latest version: Office’s famous suite for MS Office which was in development. We explain how to get Microsoft Office free if you’re eligible, and – for those who aren’t – have cherry-picked some of the best free alternatives. Microsoft Word , free and safe download. Microsoft Microsoft Word is the word-processing portion of Microsoft’s newly updated Microsoft Office.

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