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GO Weather Forecast & Widgets Premium v6.154 Cracked [Latest]

Getting ridiculous Update: New update seems much better!! Too many ads, videos, and useless information. We have this app for weather.
go weather premium

GO Weather Forecast & Widgets v6.162 (Premium)

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Getting ridiculous Update: New update seems much better!! Too many ads, videos, and useless information. We have this app for weather. Eventually ended up googling the weather from my web browser and that worked Been on the verge of deleting it in recent weeks. Not worth the frustration. The app has gone from bad to totally unusable. This is particularly annoying and dangerous on severe weather days.

Further I repeatedly get notifications about about what the weather will be like tomorrow in different area area that 20 miles away from where I live, in a completely different direction. To make matters worse, when I try and report the errors, the email address provided within the app come back with a delivery failure because it is invalid.

After years of loving the Weather Channel on so many levels, and trusting them to keep me informed and safe, I am done. Wish I could give this app a negative star rating.

This used to be a great app. Clean, concise, simple and accurate. It takes forever to load, crashes repeatedly, removes saved locations and settings with each update, and keeps sending me forecasts and alerts for cities where I do not live, have never been to and could care less about.

I have sent these concerns to support several times and nothing is ever fixed or even addressed. I have used this app for years, yet am getting ready to delete it. I am so disappointed. Good app, no ads and it worked well. Then about years ago the app updated and said that this app will no longer be supported and that would be the final update. It stated the other version the one with ads would be the only version supported.

I continued to use the app I paid for until it kept crashing after iOS updates and was pretty much forced to use the app with ads. Now I see you can go premium on this app and remove ads.

That really ticks me off considering I had previously paid for the ad free version, only to have them snub it. I, at first, just thought they were only getting rid of max so they would force those who paid a one time fee for the ad free version back on the app that has ads.

This is a sad attempt at getting even more money from me. I will now be deleting the app and using another app instead.

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After entering the username, password and e-mail address, we will automatically send you a verification email with a confirmation link. Please provide us with your username and we will activate your account. In this case it is usually sufficient to restart the device. If there is still no premium data available please send the document number of your premium purchase to our support and we will generate a code which will unlock the premium features. Apologies for the inconvenience. The widget disappears after I reboot my smartphone. This problem arises because you can’t use the widget and App2SD simultaneously.

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GO Weather-Widget,Theme,Wallpaper,Efficient [Premium].apk,GO Weather ,provides accurate current & future weather info,beautiful widgets I bought premium, but I can’t see additional data / can’t get access to the The widget has disappeared / the weather symbols on the widget are not loading. GO Weather Forecast & Widget Premium v APK» GO Weather, the best free weather app, provides accurate current & future weather info.

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