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New Edition of Paragon Hard Disk Manager 17 Raises Bar for OS Portability, Granular Partitioning

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Its functionality covers all aspects of a computer life cycle ranging from basic partitioning operations to wiping specific data and creating a new hard disk. Since it comes with a innovative backup imaging technology, the program is able to boot problem correction without restore and upgrade storages with minimal impact on business activities. Because of the multi-tabbed interface, you are able to easily navigate through menus and access the necessary wizards that will guide you throughout the entire process of restoring data from VD, creating new partitions or deleting the existing ones, migrating the operating system, programs and files to another HDD or SSD or scheduling new actions.
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Paragon Hard Disk Manager

As the name implies it offers a range of hard disk management features, so is not only for disk imaging. If you want to manage e. Its interface is less user friendly than Acronis True Image, and some might find it a bit dated. Part of the reason for the old interface is that Paragon has been around a long time since , making it one the oldest disk imaging tools that is still actively developed.

Paragon has an impeccable and long standing reputation for making reliable software, which is a major selling point. You want to be confident you can restore all your old disk images, and minimize the risk of any corruption in your backups. You will be prompted with a setup wizard.

I personally prefer having a selection of tabs that I can navigate between as done by Acronis True Image, but at least a wizard presents a logical flow for new users. You select what you want to backup e. However, I prefer to keep my backups on a separate disk in case the whole disk fails, or the device is stolen.

Here I am backing up to a network drive, and found the speed of navigation to network drive much snappier than Acronis True Image. This gives you a lot of flexibility is using your backup data outside of Paragon and means you are not tied to Paragon HDM for managing your backups. In comparison, Acronis True Image does not allow you to save to third party formats. By default it splits the backup images into chunks of 4GB files.

You can disable it but it still appears to split the backup into larger chunks even with splitting disabled. Since Paragon Hard Disk Manager has a lot of history when it comes to reliability in restoring data, perhaps they found from experience that backups are more resilient when split up like this. There are some pre populated filters for email data, executable files and temporary data. I would recommend enabling the auxiliary files filter, and adding one for personal data that you have backed up elsewhere.

The executables filter is too broad for my liking it excludes. I found this part very unclear the first time I used the software. Absent from the setup process is a simple way to set up different backup schemes. You can run full and incremental backups and add to the scheduler once set up. One nice feature in Acronis True Image that is missing in Paragon HDM is the ability to automatically schedule a fixed number of incremental backups followed by a new full backup , while deleting older backups automatically.

File Recovery Recovering individual files is very straightforward. It gives multiple options of restore location which is useful i. System Recovery System recovery is the most important feature of all for disk imaging software i. This is one area where Paragon Hard Disk Manager performs strongly. Similar to Acronis True Image, you have a couple of options for recovery media. However, make sure you test that it works and can find your hard disks and network adapter.

It covers a widest range of hardware configurations. You have the option to simply copy your existing disk to another connected physical disk. If you want the flexibility to manage partition as well as make disk image backups in the same tool, Paragon HDM is a good option.

There are also options to set partition type, change the file system, run file system integrity checks, and test disk surface to find bad sectors. This is a much more intuitive cut down feature set, which has big obvious buttons for everything a casual user would care about. It goes a long way to address usability concerns, although it is still not nearly as polished as the Acronis True Image interface.

Still, it makes the tool practical for casual users who want the extra functionality missing in other software, but find the full interface overwhelming. Downsides As already mentioned, the non intuitive and often confusing user interface is probably the main downside of Paragon HDM.

One place it falls down a bit is the inability to set and forget a scheduled backup scheme which creates multiple incremental backups followed by a full backup. You can occasionally go back and manually clean up your old backups instead though. The documentation also leaves something to be desired.

I found it poorly structured, often making it difficult to find what I was looking for. This is a minor criticism though, since all the features are adequately documented once you find them. Summary Paragon Hard Disk Manager is a decent disk imaging tool, with a good range of advanced features, including extra functionality for more general disk management. If you want to both create disk image backups and manage partitions, this is a good choice of software.

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Also worthy to be mentioned are the generous array of backup methods, as well as OS migration and the virtualization manager with support for VirtualBox and WMware. Advertised as a high-end software suite, Paragon Hard Disk Manager is a solution designed for advanced users, who have previous knowledge of the feature set provided by this collection of tools. Wrapped up in a streamlined, yet intuitive interface, the software allows you to navigate from one module to another in a smooth manner, tying all of its resources together for quick access and ease of use. The toolset provided by Paragon Hard Disk Manager is incredibly rich and therefore, very difficult to sum up.

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The downloadable Hard Disk Manager 15 Professional from Paragon includes everything you need for cutting-edge data management and opens up. Paragon Hard Disk Manager (HDM) is a decent choice of disk imaging tool if you also want general disk management features but don’t mind spending time. When working on a specific project, you need regular backups to protect your work progress. With Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac, you can do an initial full.

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