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Hide My Ass VPN Download

How to install the HMA! Pro VPN: Please note:
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Download HMA! Pro VPN Full

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How to install the HMA! Pro VPN: Please note: You will need administrator privileges to install the HMA! To do this, install the HMA! Just confirm and let the installation finish. Should the installation get aborted, or if you’re unable to connect to the HMA!

See this link for instructions: When starting the HMA! Now, follow the instructions below: Normally, it doesn’t matter which VPN protocol you choose. Select a VPN server. Next, click on “Connect to VPN” which you will see in the top-right corner, and the client will start to connect.

You will receive a notification once you have been connected, and you can now surf online anonymously! Instructions for HMA! In the left menu, you can switch between the tabs of the HMA! Index page, for controlling connection options and login details Country selection Displays a world map listing all the servers, giving you a better geographical overview; also allows you to view, filter and select VPN servers IP address settings Set automatic IP changes, IP verifying options and view your IP history Secure IP bind Force applications to only work while VPN is connected e.

When unchecking the “Show warning before load balancing” box, you will automatically be switched to a less-loaded server, without confirmation. Auto path: Pro VPN servers, sorted by distance and countries: For viewing and finding servers as well as selecting them you have several options. First, note that the VPN servers are divided into groups: This is not recommended, since it may connect you to a far away located server, resulting in poor speeds or connection issues.

You can then simply add all the servers into a custom list; on your next connection attempt, the HMA! In most cases, these are also the fastest servers for you. Servers with fastest ping based on last test Date of test If you have used the “Speed guide” feature of our VPN client more about that later , this option will offer you the VPN servers that proven to have the lowest latency ping according to the last speed test.

This should be the fastest and best server choices for you, especially for web-browsing. These should be the best and fastest server choices for you, especially for downloading and uploading data. Countries e. VPN servers divided into countries – that makes it easy to find, view and select VPN servers based on the country where the VPN servers are physically located. Since HMA! However, the quickest way to find specific servers is to simply search for them, by entering a string into the “Quick server search” field; this automatically filters out all the VPN servers that don’t contain the given string in their description.

For example, enter “texas” into the “Quick server search” field – you will then only be shown the servers that contain the string “texas” in their description, which will obviously only be the VPN servers located in Texas, USA. Country selection – Map overview In the “Map overview” you will see a world map with all server locations marked. This gives you an overview about how far away the servers are, and where the servers are located.

In the “IP address settings” tab you can: You can clear the list and export it – so you always know which IPs have been used at what time. This is especially useful if, for example, you leave your filesharing client running overnight. Click “Enable” if you want to activate this feature, then add applications using their executable. EXE file into the list. You can choose to: Run ping test to check the latency Run an express test faster than the full test Run a full test most accurate To get a quick and effective test results, best only speed test the servers that are near you or interesting for you.

If you have a direct connection e. DSL, modem, etc. Have more questions? Ask them on our community! Related articles.

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