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How to: Make recovery partition visible in Windows 8

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A bootable Windows 8 recovery drive can help you repair or restore your PC if and when problems arise. Step 1: From the Windows 8 Start screen, type “recovery,” then choose Settings to see the search results under Settings.
how to create a recovery partition windows 8.1

How to create a Windows 8 USB recovery drive

They are essentially your backup if your computer decides to fail one day. It also lets you try different operating systems without losing everything you already have including you current operating system.

The typical choice is to create a recovery partition, which is essentially a dedicated space on your hard drive for recovery. Our focus is on Windows machines which means we are only going to talk about a how-to guide for PCs and not Macs. That being said, recovery files cannot be used to install operating systems. So how do you do it? To create a recovery file in Windows 8, simply follow these steps. Click Create a recovery drive and follow the prompts presented by the recovery drive wizard.

This will launch BIOS. What About Windows 10? The good news is that creating a recovery file in Windows 10 is the exact same.

The process was pretty much untouched in the latest OS overhaul. Creating a recovery partition depends on a couple of factors. If you bought your PC from a major manufacturer like Dell or HP, it probably already has a recovery partition. This is labeled as Recovery D: If you built your PC though, or accidentally deleted Recovery D: The simplest way is by downloading a program to do it for you. The most popular one by far appears to be AOMEI OneKey Recovery , though there are plenty of other programs out there that do the same thing maybe we will cover some in a future post.

Of course if you are not in to downloading softwares, you can create a recovery partition yourself. The details on this are hazy, and scouring forums for answers has given muddied results at best. If it were me, I would get the software mentioned above or would probably try and create a recovery file. No, for real. If you try to create a recovery file without a recovery partition already in place, Windows will prompt you to create one.

Unless you face a glitch of course. If that does happen, the software is always there. Are there other ways you would recommend to creat recovery files? What recovery partition programs do you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

Creating A Recovery File

Shaun o: Bit of a shame you installed windows 8. What you could of done if no further data was written to the drive in question, and you had a tower based pc as well. You could of then run windows, and some drive recovery software to claim all of the information and restore the data for each partition or the laptop hard drive including the recovery partition, and the Os partition that had windows os installed on it.

VIDEO: How To Delete Recovery Partition In Windows 8

Brand name computers comes with a hidden recovery partition. but a lot of us How to Create a Recovery Partition of Windows or 10 and Restore From it. Recovery Drive, as described by the name, allows us to recover a fading operating system. The tool was introduced in Windows 8 and. Instructions on making a Windows 8 Recovery Drive, a bootable flash Check the Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive.

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