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How to Make Computer or Laptop Volume Louder on Windows

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Using Audio Enhancements This method will enhance the maximum volume of the overall system. In Windows, there is a loudness equalization option supported by most sound cards which needs to be configured in order to make audio louder. Click on the Volume icon in the system tray Click on the speaker icon on the sound mixer popup Select Enhancements from the opened window Check Loudness Equalization from the list and click OK This should increase the overall system sound effect to be more louder.
how to make the volume louder on windows 10

How to Increase the Maximum Volume in Windows 10

Well, check this tutorial about how to make laptop or computer volume louder on Windows. Increase PC volume is a problem that many Windows users find in his computer. In this post, I will show you how you can increase volume, the only thing you need to do to increase the volume of your pc to the maximum is to follow the steps that I show you below to configure your computer correctly.

On many occasions, your laptop or computer does not provide the volume necessary to listen to the sound of songs or videos that you watch on Youtube or listen on Spotify. The low volume is not an entirely unusual scenario in Windows. In most cases, there are relatively simple solutions for software sound that do not match the level of the Windows volume bar. If the audio from your laptop or desktop is lower than you would typically expect, here are some methods to increase the volume that will probably restore the volume level in Windows.

Enable Audio Enhancements It is always possible to increase PC volume and improve it, although in many computers there are power limitations in the speakers. But here are some tricks to configure the audio of your operating system and enhance the sound of our personal computer. First of all, you go to the Windows tray in the part of the taskbar on the right, go to the speaker icon. First, if you do not have it to the maximum, you must raise the volume.

Once you have increased the volume to the maximum, you right click with the mouse and in the menu that you will choose the Sounds option. Then, you will see a new window that prompt ups, go to the first tab Playback. There you can see all the speakers devices that you have installed on your computer. As you can see in my case, I only have the headphones connected, depending on what you use you will have more or fewer options.

Now you need to right-click on your current sound device and select the option Properties. In the new window that opens, you need to navigate to the Enhancements tab and check the options equalizer. Increase Volume using Control Panel Another trick you can do to make your computer or laptop volume louder is increasing the app volume. First, open the Control Panel on your Windows, you can access by searching the search the word control panel.

There click on the option Hardware and Sound. When clicking on the option of hardware and sound, you will be directed to another window, in this window you have different options in the third section that is Sound in which you have to choose the first option that is Adjust system volume.

The new window is the volume mixer you should check that all the options that you are interested in if they are at maximum or not. Many times these program controls work independently from the controls of the operating system. Therefore, you should check all existing drivers to be able to increase volume to the maximum. Volume Booster Extension An option that works very well to increase and improve the volume of your computer or laptop, for users of Google Chrome can enhance the audio a bit more with the extension Volume Booster.

The developer of the extension states that Volume Booster increases the volume up to four times the original audio level. Open this web page and press the green button there to add the extension to Chrome and restart the browser. Then, you can press the Volume Booster button in the Chrome toolbar to increase the sound.

Press the Disable button to revert the browser to the original volume. Run Troubleshooter If you have increased all volume controls and sound still low, open the Audio Playback Troubleshooter. In the Windows 10 system includes the problem solver for audio playback that can solve numerous volume problems with which you can increase PC volume. You can open the problem solver in the following way. First, on Windows 10 press the button WinKey and write Troubleshoot in the search box.

The problem solver can detect and solve the audio problem. If the problem solver fixes something, you may also need to restart Windows for the changes to take effect. In many cases, the solution may take a while primarily if you have never used this option. Clean your Speakers One tip you should keep in mind is to clean your speakers.

On many occasions, your speakers get filled with dust over time that can clog the speakers on your desk and reduce your audio level.

Cleaning the speakers is another possible resolution for increasing volume that is too low. If you can, place your speakers with a suction tube to clean them more thoroughly. Hand-held vacuum cleaners are the best for cleaning loudspeakers because they have a lighter suction. Clean the speaker cones with a cotton swab to finish. Remember to clean the speakers carefully so as not to damage the speakers and stop working so you should be careful.

Wrapping Up: Make Computer or Laptop Volume Louder As eas as following these simple steps, you can increase the volume of your computer or laptop. Do you know another to make the volume louder? Let me know in the comments section.

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Increase Volume using Control Panel

DFX does more than just boost volume — it adds reverb and presence for more punch. On the other hand, the old DFX Audio Enhancer 12 is impressively functional even in the free version, and unlike FxSound, it can be dragged completely out of the way and docked in the background while in use. The big power button is hard to miss, letting you turn the app on green and off red with ease. Click the Menu button in the top right corner of the floating widget and select Graphic EQ: Once you have the equalizer pulled up, you can drag up all of the knobs to boost the volume even further and adjust until it sounds perfect. A configuration like the one below is usually good for boosting overall system volume: Example of EQ setup for additional volume boosting in Windows

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The sound volume is just not loud enough even though I maximized It’s been bothering me so much until lately, I decided to dig a little deep to see if there is anything I can do about it. Note that this tip works on Windows 7 and above systems, including Windows Thank you so much. much louder. The Windows 10 April Update brings the sound options to the adjust the master volume, and fix common sound problems, do the. Windows 10 includes some sound enhancements that are worth checking out. Here’s how to access them and what they do.

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