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Reinstall a clean macOS with one button

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All you need is a connection to the Internet. This menu is also available in macOS Recovery. Release the keys when you see the Apple logo, a spinning globe, or a prompt for a firmware password.
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USB – How do I format my USB Flash Drive on a Mac?

When one of my co-workers pointed me to it in the Apple beta , I had the same reaction Homer Simpson has to doughnuts. And every one of my customers has loved it. We now have a new argument for the startosinstall command line tool that comes bundled with the Install macOS High Sierra. We can use it to erase a Mac and reinstall macOS. So long as the installer app is on the computer, we have everything we need. Why is this better than imaging?

Apple is killing the concept of imaging a Mac. A lot of what makes macOS work with Mac hardware is now based on firmware updates. That can lead to stability problems and unexpected results. Yes, running a macOS installer takes several times longer than block-copying an image to a computer, but the tradeoff is better security and performance.

This is our new world. Drag this file into a Terminal window and add –usage to the end. Some are required. Some are optional. Only trial and error helps you determine which are required and which are optional.

After a little testing, this command does the trick: With it, the command runs without further prompting. I suggest a two-policy approach. For this we need a few things.

Use Composer to create a new package. It should simply drop the installer app into your preferred location on your target Macs. Build the package as a PKG. It only places the High Sierra installer onto the computers. Upload your new package to your distribution point using Jamf Admin or the Jamf Pro web console if your Master distribution point is a cloud server.

Next, make a policy to run the package and deliver the installer silently onto the target Macs ahead of time.

Why silently? This avoids the user having to wait 10 or more minutes for the package to download and gives the appearance that reinstalling macOS begins almost instantly. The complete command is below. Be sure to include a warning in the description alerting the user that by continuing, all data will be irrecoverably erased. Consider using markdown to add emphasis to your message. It works by creating a new partition, copying the installer to the new partition, making it bootable and restarting the Mac.

After restarting, the installer simply deletes the old partition with all its data, creates a new partition and installs a fresh macOS. It takes the same amount of time to re-install macOS as if booting from an external drive and significantly less time than booting to the Recovery HD and running macOS Recovery, which downloads a fresh installer at that moment. It only works with APFS volumes. That command is one line: The Mac must boot to an external volume where the administrator can then run Disk Utility to erase the disk and install the older software.

Again, be sure to include a warning in the description alerting the user that by continuing, all data will be irrecoverably erased.

What about upgrading without erasing?

If you never installed macOS Sierra 10.12.4

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Need to restore your Mac to factory settings? Here’s how to install a fresh copy of macOS and erase everything. Here’s how to use Apple’s built-in Recovery mode to reinstall the latest macOS – or an older version of macOS – with or without wiping you Mac. To erase your Mac Mini to recover from a severe error or before selling the computer, deauthorize iTunes and sign out of iCloud and iMessage. Then restart the.

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