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John December 7, at 9: The fact that there is no option to see thumbnails of a strip of negatives makes no sense. Will only scan up to dpi on my dpi Nikon Coolscan ED.
how to remove vuescan watermark

How to remove vuescan watermark?

John December 7, at 9: The fact that there is no option to see thumbnails of a strip of negatives makes no sense. Will only scan up to dpi on my dpi Nikon Coolscan ED.

Anyone out there know of any software that I can use? Otherwise I have a useless and very expensive scanner Todd December 7, at Or tell me a wonderful upgrade had just been released. GMak April 8, at VueScan is much more flexible and has many more options than Epson.

No problem. Awkward, yes, problem, no. You need to play around. And you need to set the film properly. Again, VueScan offers a large variety of specific film settings. Frankly, there is a lot written on file settings and what the reasonable balance of scan resolution, color bit depth, file size and practical editable requirements and viewable results. You can set this to 64 bit and dpi and get a file size that will use up your hard drive with one roll — the question is — will you be able to actually see it?

At this close range, even slight bends in film render parts of it out of focus. Anyone who has done macro work understands that the in-focus DoF area is inversely related to distance. All of us have multiple photo editing software precisely for this reason. No software does everything best. Hope these corrections help.

Todd April 8, at 1: When I posted this nearly a year ago, it was for two main reasons. Nothing you wrote applies to my own initial experience. Indeed, the software design is the biggest part of my criticism. But only through manual, individual adjustments that VueScan seemed incapable of remembering. And yet, some things did not work as the instructions led me to believe.

Loimus August 11, at In addition, I have Silverfast AI for both. For gross scanning of non-critical photographs, such as family snaps, it gives satisfactory results at ppi, but you have to be willing to accept the inevitable clipping and gamma shifts in each color channel.

I have used the stock Epson and Microtek carriers as well as custom carriers, and scanned film on the glass with the Epson — no wet scanning..

No focus problems — ever. Film is best scanned between AN glass anyway. Even on Epson and Silverfast you have to dick with the settings for each slide — and even then the output is ugly. The workflows in the User Guide DO work as described.

The software does exactly what it was designed to do. Todd August 11, at For now, the bottom line for me personally is still this: Almost everything on this blog has been scanned that way. Still, I will get to it one of these damn days… joseph d April 12, at What annoyed me most is that there seems to be no improvements between all the different versions of this software, despite I have successfully fixed, or bypassed all the problems of one version and produced a few successful scans, now the new version came out and all the stupid problems came back again!

And I cannot trace back to the version that I used. However, after I put in my own email and password the stupid software still insisted to add the watermark and prompt me to upgrade and pay more money!

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One other potential issue that VueScan shares with SilverFast is that just because it works with a specific scanner doesn’t mean that all of its features work. That’s a good argument for taking advantage of the free download to thoroughly test the program with the scanner you want to use it with. If the photo-scan quality you’re getting from the software that came with your scanner is good enough for your purposes, there’s no reason to replace it. If you want better quality, you can almost certainly get it with either SilverFast or VueScan. However, which one will be the better choice will depend at least partly on the scanner you plan to use it with. If either program doesn’t support key features with your scanner—as with VueScan not supporting multi-exposure with the Plustek —and the other one does, the program that supports the features will be your best choice. If both programs support all the features with your scanner, then VueScan’s lower price makes it the obvious choice.

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Vuescan’s Guide Me mode should be free and without watermarks, but I’ve read reports that if you just install the program with drivers you can. You’ve got a scanner, but to scan images into your PC, you need software like VueScan from Hamrick Software. VueScan is compatible with most flatbed and. How to remove watermark in vuescan – Office Equipment & Supplies question.

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