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How to Download and Install DirectX

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Windows 10 has DirectX 12 installed. Go to Start Screen, type dxdiag and hit Enter. Under the System tab, you will see the DirectX version installed on your computer. DirectX download Although DirectX is included as an integral part of the Windows operating systems, if you feel the need to update it, you can update DirectX via Windows Update by applying the latest service pack or platform update — or you download and install it directly.
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Microsoft finally ports DirectX 12 to Windows 7, but only for certain games

The default version of DirectX is different in every version of Windows. DirectX 2. There were quite a few other updates and versions which were either minor or Operating System specific. If you want to know more about all the versions of DirectX, you may visit this Wikipedia page. If you are a hardcore gamer or a multimedia enthusiast, then you will love every bit of the new versions of DirectX.

If you are still using Windows XP, just update its DirectX to the latest version and see the difference yourself. The same thing applies to Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. What version of DirectX do I have on my system? If you want to know the version of DirectX installed on your computer, follow the steps below: The above screenshot shows that DirectX 11 is installed on a Windows 8.

How to enable DirectX features? While DirectX takes care of both display and audio, there are three major features of DirectX that you may enable or disable as per your requirement. To enable or disable these features, follow the steps below: Please note that if you have multiple graphics cards installed in your PC, there will be multiple display tabs for each graphics card.

You can enable or disable DirectX features for each graphics card separately. If you want to update DirectX, you will need to enable Windows Updates. For Windows 10 DirectX 12 DirectX 12 does not have any manual standalone setup which can be downloaded separately.

It comes directly from Microsoft Update. So if you want to keep your DirectX version updated, you should enable automatic Windows Updates if disabled earlier. This will make sure that your DirectX 12 on Windows 10 is up to date. You can enable or disable Windows Update using the command line. The same procedure applies for Windows 8 DirectX You can search Google for the actual download files: Download DirectX 9 The web installer will automatically download the right and the latest version of DirectX for your Windows computer.

It can also be useful in case you are having problems with the DirectX installation like missing DLLs etc. You can just download and install the setup on top of existing installation and everything will be ok. Must Read Articles:

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Comments Shares There was a time when support for DirectX 12 on Windows 7 would have been a big deal. In , for example, when it launched alongside Windows Embracing the ‘better late than never’ adage, Microsoft has finally “decided to act” on feedback imploring the company to bring DX12 to Windows 7. By “act,” Microsoft means it’s working with a select group of developers to port existing DX12 games to Windows 7. The first and so far only game to gain DX12 support in Windows 7 is World of Warcraft, enabled with the 8. Or put another way, a game that is around a decade-and-a-half old is bringing DX12 support to an OS that is reaching end-of-life status.

VIDEO: How to Download and Install DirectX (12, 11, 10, 9)

Microsoft is making a very surprising addition to Windows 7 this week, with the support of DirectX 12 for the nearly year-old operating system. Sometimes things happen that are unexpected – just ask Ned Stark. In a far less fictional event, Microsoft has posted an update on their DirectX. Even though there are just a few months left before Windows 7 stops receiving security updates, Microsoft has rather surprisingly ported a.

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