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iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac Review

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This feature converts as text the input file, allowing to edit its content. The application offers a clean interface, suitable for those with minimal word processing experience; the options are self-explained and the operation doesn’t require additional assistance. Its conversion capabilities make it a good option for business users to deal with PDF files in an easy way. The iSkysoft PDF Editor’s installation package includes the required components to run, avoiding additional software installation. It is a stand-alone application that it can work properly without Adobe products installed on the target computer.
iskysoft pdf editor for mac

Download iSkysoft PDF Editor Professional for Mac

The PDF has become a default format to share important files , present pitches and much more. It has become a vital format because of its flexibility in terms of editability and ability to password protect and so on. We have a lot of functions that we need to perform on the PDF and that requires external tools. Edit PDF helps you to make edits to your PDF documents and according to the software, you can make complicated edits as well.

Combine Files can be used when you want to combine different files with different formats into one comprehensive PDF. Pages Option Some options like Rotate and Delete pages are pretty self-explanatory. The Extract pages option lets you extract a single slide or an entire document to a folder of your choice.

The replace page option can be used when you want to replace a single slide with another slide. The combine files into PDF is what we covered initially about combining a bunch of files and putting it all together into one single PDF. Watermark Adding watermarks to your PDF is pretty seamless with this tool. You can either add it to a page or all pages.

You can also choose to add text as a watermark or an image as a watermark. This is great for professional documents. You can add backgrounds and headers, footers to the PDF document.

Bates Numbering is a type of classification of content based on codes and numbers combined. This is a trusted way of communication. With this tool, it is extremely easy to set up a password protected PDF. There are other options in the Edit a PDF section. Forms Forms are a bit tricky with PDF converter. To access forms, you need to click on the Form button and switch to Form Mode. To add functionality to every form item, you need to double click the item and change the settings.

You can access the completed form only when you get out of Form Mode. This means, you can click on the Edit Mode and you can access the Live form. Once you set up the form, you can take an action when the button is clicked. Take a look at the button properties that gives you a host of options. You can create a PDF out of the files you have on your computer or other options, which are used regularly.

Generally, if you have to take a screenshot through a software, the tool minimizes itself and lets you access the page you want to take a screenshot from. Combining a PDF This is the last of the features and yet again it is paid. It is simple to access the files through a drag and drop interface and you can make a large PDF file out of it.

To Summarize, this tool is an all encompassing PDF behemoth. You can almost do any PDF activity with it. So if you are a PDF power user, this purchase should be an easy decision to make.

Simplify Your Work with Feature-laden PDF Editor for Mac!

But we often come across situations where we need to modify the contents of a PDF file usually reports , add an image here or there, annotate on that trend chart, or just edit a paragraph to include additional details. Although, depending on the situation, such edits might not always be convenient, as the newly inserted text appears as a separate layer, and not in line with the original text. The best you could do is to clear out the existing text assuming the background is white , and type the whole thing over, including your edits, and ensure that the font matches with the existing one. But, converting the document is not usually recommended, as sometimes it changes the original formatting. Page size, alignment, fonts and other attributes may be altered when a PDF document is converted. Also, a lot of PDF documents we come across contain scanned pages instead of actual text. In such cases, editing the PDF is more challenging, as the content you are trying to edit is in fact an image.

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iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 is a powerful PDF editor for Mac which brings features such as OCR, annotating, marking up, and editing of PDF and. iSkysoft PDF editor for Mac review. How to convert PDF to Word/Excel, combining multiple PDF files, advanced PDF editing and locking PDF. Check out these free and paid PDf editors for Mac OS X. You can find best PDf editor for Mac that doesn’t leave a watermark. You can PDFelement, iSkysoft PDF .

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