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Kaspersky Security Cloud

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Introducing patented adaptive security. It adapts to your life to keep you safe. Delivers cloud-base Technologies that perform The service uses new technologies that come from the cloud, it delivers fast security that lightens the load on your devices. Which means you get more space, speed and performance for the things you love to do. Adjusts to the things you do The service adapts to your lifestyle to give you the right security at the right time.
kaspersky security cloud

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free review

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At Kaspersky Lab, we believe security should adapt itself to you, not the other way round. Our patented adaptive security technologies add extra flexibility to our multi-layered, award-winning protection.

This means both individuals and families can get security tailored to their unique needs, and on different devices — as part of a subscription model, under a single account. And with technologies multiplying at a quicker rate than ever, we believe this new approach to cybersecurity comes at just the right time. For example, research shows that the average adult internet user now has as many as 14 password-protected online accounts, services or applications, all accessed across numerous devices in different ways — which means you have never been more exposed to cyber-threats.

But now, with Kaspersky Security Cloud, you can protect every part of your digital world with confidence. How does Kaspersky Security Cloud differ from other products? Our virus protection has been honed to perfection over the last two decades. There are several attributes that make the service unique, including: Patented Adaptive Security.

Adaptive security technology is bespoke by definition, responding to your lifestyle within the context of the ever-shifting cybersecurity landscape. The technology anticipates danger, advises you when action is needed and automatically updates your device settings when the need arises. Not only does it shield you from direct cyber-threats, it also reassures you that the things you care about are secure.

Account based control. This means that security management features found in My Kaspersky allow you to configure your security any way you want. And if you purchase our Family edition, you become the master account holder — which enables you to share security with family members and friends.

In this instance, every individual will have their own My Kaspersky account, and the solution will adapt itself to their personal needs and online habits. Platform agnostic flexibility. And if you need to manage your account from a shared device, it can be accessed through the My Kaspersky website. State-of-the-art innovation. The service is constantly developing. All the latest tools, features and technologies will appear first in Kaspersky Security Cloud. How can I be sure that the adaptive security technologies are making decisions I agree with?

Depending on the nature of the threat, Kaspersky Security Cloud either responds by deploying security automatically — when the threat is severe and urgent action is needed — or by promoting you to take action through simple alerts to your devices. When it comes to prompts, you have the choice to agree or disagree with the suggestions it makes — and over whether or not to take action.

This includes a security assessment of the Wi-Fi network you about to connect to, or the category of website you are about to open — both which are required to launch secure VPN — or a description of your interests, so the service can provide you with relevant security news and tips.

These stats are collected to improve the service and provide more reliable protection for our users. The complete list of processed data is available in the agreements that the user voluntarily accepts. If I get Kaspersky Security Cloud Family, will family members see the online activities of each other? No, they will not. As the subscription owner, you can invite up to 19 family members to use the service or its specific features, but each family member will have their own private My Kaspersky account.

Our favourite feature is that it will warn you if a service you use has suffered a large scale, Equifax-style data breach, something you might only otherwise hear about in the news.

This feature involves additional protection being turned on in situations when the user makes an unsecured Wi-Fi connection and advice given when a password might be under the threat of being hacked” Score – 92 out of

A new era of digital security

Kaspersky Kaspersky Kaspersky Lab is a global cybersecurity company celebrating its year anniversary in Over million users are protected by Kaspersky Lab technologies and we help , corporate clients protect what matters most to them. Top Services Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud for B2B developed specifically, for small and medium-sized businesses, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud lets you manage security for multiple endpoints, mobile devices and file servers remotely, from anywhere. Manage security for multiple endpoints, mobile devices and file servers remotely, from anywhere, with our web-based cloud console. Default security profiles developed by Kaspersky Lab experts provide immediate protection while the centralized console gives flexible, simple administration capabilities. All you have to do to get started with Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is register. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – Basic for B2B Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business protects businesses of all size against any kind of cyber threat, across any device and on any platform.

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Kaspersky Lab has made a pair of licensing option changes with their new edition of Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, the SaaS version of. Kaspersky Security Cloud delivers premium cloud security capability and ensures cloud data protection from the latest threats. Save 25% today!. Now that we have compared the different aspects of ESET Smart Security and Kaspersky Internet Security in a broader manner, we can.

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