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Google chrome keyscrambler KeyScrambler can display a small overlay window on top of your browser screen that verifies that your keystrokes are being encrypted. The program is very easy to use and protects you automatically whenever you launch your browser. KeyScrambler Personal works with all popular browsers, including Google Chrome,Every keystroke you type in any of the apps listed above is encrypted in real time by KeyScrambler Personal, Professional, or Premium to protect your private information from known and unknown keyloggers and keylogging malware.
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KeyScrambler Personal for Windows

There are people and bots who collect information about you and use it for own benefits. We have been covering different methods to stay safe on the Internet. KeyScrambler Personal: Works Between Keyboard and Cache There is nothing that can provide you with complete safety and you may have to compensate for the security with speed or something else — including money! But is pretty slow, so you may not wish to use it for regular usage. The product we are reviewing in this post is a software that changes the keystrokes into something else and is completely different from TOR or its likes.

This means it changes — or rather — encrypts the characters you type into something else before it gets to any other part of the computer. The following image shows what I typed in Facebook and what was logged by the keylogger.

I say it is among best because you can see in the keylogger report that no one can make sense of what was actually typed in the browser! That means if you visit your bank account, the person who installed keyloggers on your computer can easily read and replicate your bank password plus ID.

The same danger also applies to private and important documents etc. Limitation of KeyScrambler Personal Free: If you use browser-based word processing software such as Office Web Apps , you are secure.

I do not know why KeyScrambler chose to keep the local software out of encryption. The paid version does provide security when you are working on Windows Explorer but my concern is Microsoft Word and similar applications.

Probably, a different system is at work when passing keystrokes to browsers than passing them to locally installed word processing documents, including the email clients. Maybe, it is possible to encrypt the encrypt keyboard cache before passing the keystrokes to browsers. For local installations, I suppose the keystrokes are passed directly to programs before any other software can access and encrypt them.

I do not know it for sure; if you have any information on this, please share with me. KeyScrambler Personal Review: I was almost irritated while trying to review KeyScrambler and seeing the tray icon off.

Only when I switched to my browser, I noticed that it had turned on. It is activated automatically as soon as you switch to browsers. You might even see a KeyScrambler Strip towards at the center of browser as and when you open or switch to your browser — any browser.

This review of KeyScrambler highlights following points: It even worked on the portable version of Mozilla. The protection is limited to browsers. For better protection, you need to install a good anti-malware that can detect and remove keyloggers. If you are using Windows Vista or above, you have the default Windows Defender that is good enough. Finally, it is not a tool that would hide your IP address or encrypt all your Internet traffic. If you need such protection, read our review of Spotflux: You can download it from here.


Although antivirus software is often able to detect and eliminate such programs once you’re infected, they’re not foolproof. KeyScrambler Personal promises to encrypt your keystrokes at the level of your keyboard driver and decrypt them when they reach your browser so they’re visible to you. Sounds good in theory, but does it work? We can’t guarantee that it’s perfect, but we can say that it worked just fine when we tried it. Obviously, if we wanted to see if KeyScrambler Personal could guard against keyloggers, we’d have to install a keylogger on our machine. We did, made sure it was logging our keystrokes, and then installed KeyScrambler Personal.

VIDEO: KeyScrambler Personal Review & Free Download

i have mozilla, I/E8 and google chrome browsers, have tried them all and Key Scrambler error, see Troubleshooting FAQ, Key Scrambler Is. Makes every webpage interesting at the click of a button. major version of KeyScrambler has been released by QFX Software for all three editions it offers, Personal edition gets much wanted.

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