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Live 10 Beta Release Notes

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Fixed truncated modulation target names in Wavetable’s Modulation Matrix. Fixed a bug where the Arpeggiator device would play notes at half the set rate, when its Gate parameter was set to by entering the value with the keyboard. Live could crash when loading certain Wavetable presets. Fixed a crash that occurred after closing the error dialog informing about an unusable ASIO driver clock signal.
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Fixed truncated modulation target names in Wavetable’s Modulation Matrix. Fixed a bug where the Arpeggiator device would play notes at half the set rate, when its Gate parameter was set to by entering the value with the keyboard. Live could crash when loading certain Wavetable presets. Fixed a crash that occurred after closing the error dialog informing about an unusable ASIO driver clock signal. On Windows, Live would sometimes crash while shutting down. Fixed a bug which caused Live to trigger security warnings on macOS Mojave version Fixes a bug which prevented Live from being completely bit compliant.

Fixed a crash that would occur when operating the Looper device’s transport buttons via key mapping. On Windows, if Live is closed while minimized, it will now be restored in a minimized state.

Furthermore, Live no longer crashes if it cannot restore the previous window position. Additionally, crashes no longer occur on Windows in situations where the graphics driver is suddenly disconnected. NI Kontakt. On Windows, if a VST plug-in is created on a non-primary screen with a pixel density that differs from the primary screen, HiDPI plug-ins will now be created at the right size. Text drawing glitches would appear when selecting or dragging parts of a deactivated clip.

Introduced the “Snap Automation to Grid” menu option. When enabled, automation breakpoints and segments snap to the global grid. When “Snap Automation to Grid” is disabled, the grid snapping modifier works intuitively, and a light blue vertical line indicates when the dragged breakpoint snaps to the next or previous gridline or breakpoint. Added and updated translations for various Help View lessons. Updated built-in lessons in the Help View. Parameters that have no effect on the current Warp Mode are now correctly displayed as disabled in the Clip Envelope Control chooser.

Previously, “Show Modulation” would appear in the context menu of an Envelope Editor, if a Max for Live parameter with no modulation was selected in the Clip Envelope Control chooser. Various font improvements: In German, the text of the Export and Cancel buttons no longer overflows in the Render dialog. In the browser, the search field now has the right text color in the Dark theme. In the Groove Pool, the drop message is no longer split onto two lines.

In other places, text that appeared blurry in some buttons is now crisp again. On Windows, if you clicked a separator, the cursor would erroneously change back to a pointing cursor. On Windows, if using a screen with a refresh rate above 60 Hz, Live’s UI would not draw smoothly and potentially lock up when loading certain plug-ins.

Under certain circumstances, a Live Set could become corrupt due to an invalid Group Track structure. On Windows, Live could crash during launch in cases where it failed to position itself on the screen.

The playhead was not shown in the browser preview field anymore. Further improved the UI performance on Windows in cases where Live runs on monitors with a high refresh rate. Live could crash when duplicating a track containing a Wavetable instance. A bug prevented Echo’s modulation waveform from being displayed. Live would not support ASIO interfaces with a single mono input channel.

Push bugfixes: Color labels are now stored in the same file system folder as the files they are attached to, which makes it easier to manage browser items and their assigned colors across different Live installations.

Improved Wavetable’s performance when playing simple sounds e. Autoscrolling will now always occur when dragging the loop marker to the right or the left outside the Arrangement. Fixed a crash that occurred when closing Live while listed samples were selected in the File Manager. Recent changes to the Ableton Sans font caused info texts to overflow the panel’s boundaries.

Live could crash when loading a Set, if a Max for Live device was mapped to a macro control. Edit commands for cutting, duplicating and deleting time work regardless of the current Arrangement content selection. These commands are also available if a selection exists exclusively in an automation lane. Added a “Create Fades” command to the context menu of Arrangement tracks. It is now possible to create and reset fades when clip content is selected in Automation Mode.

Added “Clear Envelope” to the automation lane context menu and “Clear All Envelopes” to the Arrangement track header context menu. The horizontal movement of automation breakpoints creates horizontal gaps when dragging clips or nudging content or automation within a time selection. Font rendering is now more crisp at all zoom levels.

Improved the speed at which the Live interface updates. Introduced the Ableton Sans Small font, which is more readable at small sizes. This change generally increases readability of all text in Live. On Windows, Live uses the keyboard’s repeat settings to determine the scroll speed of scroll bars.

Increased the contrast of the spectrum in EQ Eight across all Themes. Added Groove Pool info text translations. Track content selection would not be restored on redo when the track was converted from audio to MIDI or vice versa during an edit operation. Creating fades on multiple tracks would result in one undo step per fade instead of a single undo step. Zooming by scrolling now works independently from the scroll direction set in the System Preferences macOS only. Live no longer enforces a minimum length when resizing Arrangement clips.

Additionally, fixed the following bugs which occurred when freezing a track containing muted clips: The frozen track would be silent in the area of the frozen clips, even if something should have been audible there. Freeze tail clips could overlap with the muted clips. The message “Warp Marker segment BPM limit reached” would sometimes appear in the status bar when stretching Arrangement clips, even though the limit had not been reached. Previously, erratic scrolling would occur when there was only one Warp Marker set after “0” beat time.

Also, jittering would occur when dragging and holding a Warp Marker while the grid was disabled. Before, it was only applied when either the fade-in end time or the fade-out start time were within the current time selection. Deleting a breakpoint by clicking on it would accidentally move the breakpoint instead, when using a graphics tablet. The content selection of automation lanes is now restored after undo and redo operations.

Until now, only the content selection of the content lane was restored. Breakpoints can no longer be moved into negative time. Fixed some issues with VST and AU plug-in parameters, particularly where unconfigured parameters were heavily adjusted within the plug-in. Previously, fade handles could be edited using the mouse or keyboard, even after switching to Automation Mode, where the fade handles were not visible.

The Live browser would fail to see files from OneDrive folders. When installing factory packs the contained “Ableton Folder Info” folder would not be hidden until the next startup.

Fixed a crash that occurred when. Fixed a crash that occurred when deleting a track while changing a parameter of that track via MIDI mapping. Fixed a bug where Live would incorrectly use a previous freeze sample instead of producing a new freeze sample after changing a device parameter.

Fixed a bug which prevented AU presets from recalling parameters correctly. Fixed a crash that might occur when trying to recover from a crash. Live could crash when displaying a modal plug-in dialog. Previously when clicking the drop area of the Arrangement, the track highlight would either move back to where the time selection was last, or not move at all. On Windows 10 with HiDPI enabled, the menu bar now works as expected if the main and second window are on screens with differing pixel densities.

Waveform drawing would not work properly at certain zoom levels. On Windows, Live no longer crashes if the file dialog is shown for a long time.

Live would freeze at startup when running on monitors with refresh rates above 60 Hz. EQ Eight’s noise level is now significantly reduced when filter parameters i. Frequency, Gain and Q are automated or modulated. Adjusting Wavetable’s envelope slopes could cause the audio engine to become silent under certain conditions.

With some graphics cards running on Windows, the Push 2 display process might frequently run into crashes with certain GPUs. Fixed a bug which affected the way invalid denominator values in time signature changes were corrected once the “Enter” key was pressed.

Previously, tracks created in Map Mode were not mappable. Update various info text translations. Changes for Push: It is now possible to fine-tune Wavetable oscillators on Push 1. Improved the performance of Push 2’s display process. Fixed a scenario where Push 2’s display could crash when hot-swapping AU plug-in presets. When connected, the Novation Launchpad S and Launchpad Mini control surfaces are now automatically selected in the Preferences.

Fades no longer snap to the Arrangement View grid. Fixed a problem which might prevent AU presets from recalling correctly.

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News Live User wavetables, new devices and workflow upgrades Live The update will be free for all Live 10 owners and is now in beta. The new features in Live Channel EQ A flexible and simple EQ with curves and gain ranges suitable for a variety of audio material.

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Ableton Live 10 Lite is an updated version of the Live 9 Lite software that was downloaded Live Lite 9, upgrade to the latest version from your Ableton account: . Follow these steps to obtain a Serial Number for the latest version of Live Lite M- Audio Enhanced Edition using your Serial Number from any. Live Versions: Operating System: All Live 10 The latest version of Live 10 is Live If you have Live and have.

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