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MapQuest App for Android/Amazon Devices

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mapquest app for android

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I can then see which route has the least traffic and select that one. The others only default to the one option and you get what you get. And The route that I chose had me go through the five freeway.

However at a certain section when I had the option to choose the or the five freeway it had me take the I noticed that the 5 was at a dead stop at the intersection. All the flowed. And then it had me take the next offramp and I was on city streets. I was a little confused but I thought I would go with it to see what happened. And what it did was it took me through non-congested city streets back onto the five freeway via the freeway which eliminated me from having to be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for quite a distance.

That I thought was a winner! Developer Response , That’s so great to hear! Thanks for the review. Neither did Apple maps. Mapquest gave us the alternative and even alternatives to that route when it started getting backed up. Neither G nor A gave additional alternatives even once knowing we were on a different road.

The bad part is that the available map size was notably smaller than the others, jumped around more, took longer to get the info, and often the names of roads on the map were too small to read easily, and when the map was expanded the street name often disappeared rather than getting larger and more readable. All 3 of the map apps seem to want to jump to that too easily. Please email us at appfeedback mapquest. There is one Street with the right direction on and our Street with the wrong direction on it.

When you travel north on a road, and it is call North Street any name will do. And when you get to the next town , you will be on the south side of town but our Street is call north , than when you continue to drive north you come to the north side of town but it is call south.

I have reported this problem but I was told it can take six months to fix the problem. I am so glad that my mail and packages still gets delivered to my house , because I still use South on my address.

But I have had some business, say that I gave them the wrong address. I have to say where is the sun , what time is it, so which way is north, also do you have a compass on your phone. But do you know that people think map quest can not be wrong. So it takes time to get the business to think about it.

But we have had to get things delivered a couple of days later because of this. And if people try to find our house at night, I have to give them land marks to look for.

Then they can see that this places are also in the wrong place on map quest. This has been these way for years now. It is the responsibility for our partner, TomTom, to fix any street errors. While it might take a long time to update, rest assured it will be fixed for you. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

I hope this helps, but if you have any more questions please email us at appfeedback mapquest.

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This app is highly accessible and easy to use, but isn’t as customizable as some of its competitors. Pros Practically useful: The features with which MapQuest boasts, namely voice navigation, routing around accidents, multi-stop directions, bookmarking, and a cheap gas stations finder have impressed us as robust and extremely useful. There’s a catch, though:

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Oh, sure — iOS had it first, but the Android flavor of MapQuest’s mobile app has OpenStreetMaps. How d’ya like those apples? The aforesaid. Looking for a Google Maps alternative? MapQuest for Android is now available as of this morning and it packs quite a few features, including. MapQuest is a GPS app that allows you to find directions and points of interest on app is simple enough to use for directions.

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