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Word Icon is only showing a generic icon but is still working

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I could double-click one of these such as a. I found a very detailed page describing various ways to try to fix the issue, and I tried all of them. None of these worked. What did work, however, was completely quirky and inexplicable.
microsoft office 2007 icons missing windows 7

Microsoft Office Outlook Icon Is Missing from the Taskbar

Office Click on the start button and type in Programs and Features. Find Microsoft Office ProPlus If you have office installed in a different language, then ending may not be exactly the same as the picture below. Select change. Select Online Repair for the best chance of fixing the issue. You will need to close all Microsoft programs before clicking repair, this includes Skype. This may take some time, depending on your Internet connection and your computer.

Partway through the repair process, your computer will look like the image below. This is normal, once it is fully done, click close and attempt to use a Microsoft program. To begin, click on Start and then Control Panel. After the Control Panel window opens, click on Uninstall a Program. A list of all installed programs should now appear. Highlight Microsoft Office , and click on Change.

The exact title of Microsoft Office may depend on the version installed on your computer. After the dialog box loads, choose the Repair option and click Continue.

This process may take a few minutes, but after completion, you will be prompted to exit and restart any open Office programs. You may then click Close. You may be prompted to reboot your computer to apply all changes and complete setup.

After Microsoft Office Diagnostics opens, click Continue on the first page. By default, all of the diagnostic tests are enabled, so you may click on Run Diagnostics to proceed with diagnosis and repair.

For a summary of each diagnostic, visit Microsoft’s site. You may be asked to insert the Office installation disk during the Setup Diagnostic. After running the diagnostics, a results page will be displayed. After clicking continue, your web browser will load with Microsoft’s recommendations for the next steps to resolve any discovered issues with Microsoft Office.

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Operating System

Instead of opening a program from the Start screen or searching for it under all programs, you click the icon and the program is launched. If you use Microsoft Office’s Outlook program and the icon has disappeared, restore it to return your desktop to the way you want it. Operating System Different operating systems come with different icons on the taskbar. If you’ve recently changes your Windows OS, that’s the cause of the missing icon. Windows is a customizable program, though, and you can install any icons you want on the taskbar in Windows XP, 7 and 8. Causes If you haven’t changed your OS, then something else is behind the missing icon on your taskbar.

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Go to microsoft office– microsoft office tools– microsoft office picture manager– help– detect and repair– check restore my shortcuts while. On my desktop and quick start bar the icon for MS Word is only to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14 on Windows 7 64 bit and. There are some gorgeous new desktop pictures in Windows 7—Microsoft In the resulting dialog box, checkboxes for common desktop icons now await . music files, Web bookmarks, and Microsoft Office documents, among other things .

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