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Microsoft Visio Standard 2016

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microsoft visio 2016

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On the right side of the Info page, you’ll see information about your current document. The New Page The New page is where you’ll go to create a new document. It is also where you can access all the templates that come with Visio The New page is pictured below: To select a template, click on a thumbnail of the template.

You can also use the search box located above the template thumbnails. Enter in search terms to look for a certain type of drawing or diagram. Whenever you click on a template, even a blank diagram or drawing, you’ll see this window: In this window, you’ll be asked to set the measurement unit you want to use.

The default size is typically A4. The default size is 8. Click the Create button to open the template. The Open Page The open page is where you can access Visio files that you have saved on your computer or remote locations, such as OneDrive formerly SkyDrive.

Any recent Visio documents that you’ve had open in Visio will display under Recent Drawings. Simply choose the location where the file is stored under Open, then locate the file in that location to open it. If you click the Save page, you will save the file under its current name, file type, and to its current location. You use the Save page when you’ve edited an existing Visio file and want to save the latest version.

The Save As page allows you to name the file you’re going to save, select a file type, and then select the location where you want it stored. The Save As page looks like this: Under Save As pictured above , choose where you want to save the file. You can choose OneDrive formerly SkyDrive , your computer, or you can add a place, such as a network location. In the snapshot above, we’ve selected OneDrive. Next, we click on our OneDrive folder, as highlighted below.

We then see the Save As dialogue box. Select a folder on your OneDrive where you want to save your Visio file. Name your file in the File Name field. The default name is Drawing1. Select a file format in the Save as Type field. Click the Save button.

The Print page is pictured below. The Share Page The Share page allows you to share your drawing. You can click Invite People to share your drawing through email or social media.

You can also email your drawing using an option shown on the ride side of the page when you click Email. The Close Page This technically isn’t a page. If you click Close, it will simply close your active diagram. There are links that allow you to edit your account details or switch to another account. Options If you click Options, you’ll see a dialogue box that contains settings for Visio You may not ever need to change these settings, but it’s helpful to explore this dialogue box and see the many options that are open to you when using Visio This feature will guide you through the steps you need to take to complete a task.

Consider it the new “help” tool on steroids, because it not only provides help, it provides instant access to the tools that you need to accomplish a task. The Tell Me tool is located toward the left side of the Visio screen above the ribbon.

Simply type in what you want to do. For example, increase font size. As you can see in the snapshot below, a dropdown menu appears. By selecting Font Size, we can change the font size right there from the menu. There’s no longer a need to search help files or watch a video. Let’s click Increase Font Size in the dropdown menu. We had already selected the text box in our drawing. Visio increased the font size for us.

There’s no longer a need to look up how to do something in Visio if you forget. The Tell Me tool will do it for you. Knowing these terms, as well as the definitions, will make learning to use and master the program a lot easier. These terms with their definitions are listed below. You’ll choose a master from a stencil. You can use the masters that come with Visio or download some from the Internet.

A stencil is a collection of masters. Think of it like this. You buy a set of paints. The entire set would be the stencil in Visio terms. Each individual jar of paint would be a master again, in Visio terms.

You can create shapes by dragging a master, as well as in other ways. A shape can be a line, a polygon, or an image. It can also change appearance or behavior as the data values change. It may also contain stencils, background pages, and designs. It could also contain shapes or text. Visio saves the workspace on your screen when you save the file.

The Drawing and Shapes Window Whenever you create a new drawing or diagram, you’ll see two windows open below the Ribbon. These are the Shapes window which appears on the left and the Drawing window which appears on the right.

The Shapes window is where you will see your stencils. The Drawing window is where your drawing will appear. There are rules at the top and left of the window that show inches, millimeters, or a unit that you specify. You’ll find page controls on the lower left hand side of the Drawing window, as highlighted below. In the snapshot above, you can see Page This is your page tab. If you have more than one page, the tabs will display the name of each page.

The active page will be in a different color. You can click a tab to go to that page. Right click on a page name to access page management options, including the Duplicate Page feature. To the right of the page name, you’ll see “All” with an upward arrow. This will display a list of all the pages.

The active page is highlighted. Click the plus sign with a circle around it to insert a new page. Below both the Shapes and Drawing windows, and at the bottom left of the Visio window is the status bar. If nothing is selected on your page, you will see from left to right: The page number of the active page 2. The language ours is English 3. Macros to record a macro 4. The Presentation Mode to view the diagram in Full Screen 5. The Zoom slider to zoom in or out, and the zoom level shown as a percentage.

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On the right side of the Info page, you’ll see information about your current document. The New Page The New page is where you’ll go to create a new document. It is also where you can access all the templates that come with Visio The New page is pictured below: To select a template, click on a thumbnail of the template.

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