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Nitro Pro 10 [Review]

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Does not allow you to embed video and audio files in your PDF file No mobile app 2. Nitro Pro 9 While checking out the feature list of Nitro Pro 9, you will notice that the functionality is similar to many other PDF editing tools. However, this version of Nitro provides great value for the price, which is strikingly less than its Adobe equivalent. Nitro Pro 8 Nitro Pro 8 is packed with a lot of features that makes it quite easy to edit, insert, convert, create and review PDF files.
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This begs the question: Nitro Pro offers more intuitive PDF creation tools, allowing you to create PDFs from documents like Word that can subsequently be re-edited in Nitro using its own powerful text-editing tools. Version 10 comes with the promise of improved accuracy with text, image and table recognition and adds an automatic de-skew function that aligns images correctly during the scanning process.

Nitro pairs this functionality with a set of powerful editing tools, with both line and paragraph-based text editing possible alongside the ability to swap out or insert images. It’s easier to use the service directly from within Nitro as it gives you access to all of its advanced editing capabilities while making it simple to share and collaborate. All of its tools are found on the Cloud tab. Version 10 tightens integration further, offering support for electronic signature management allowing documents to be sent using a legally binding eSignature.

It also adds Secure Share, for sharing and tracking documents over a secure channel. Batch process If Nitro Pro 10 has any single headline feature, it has to be its Batch Processing tool, accessible from the File tab.

The tool itself works perfectly: These can then be performed on one or more documents with just a few clicks. Of the others, you can quickly strip all comments, print, tweak password security, or apply custom JavaScript code.

There are also two handy OCR tools for making your documents searchable or searchable and editable. Selected actions can be customized — specifically executing JavaScript so you can insert your custom code , password security, converting to Word, Excel or PowerPoint format, and printing.

More new features Version 10 also adds an option to create PDF Portfolios — these are basically wrappers like zip files into which you can store any kind of file, including PDF, Office documents or images.

Users can then open the PDF portfolio in compatible apps including Nitro 10, of course to view or extract the files within. All you need to do is make sure your target document or documents are open in another Nitro tab or window, then click and drag the page from one Pages sidebar on to the tab or window of another, using its sidebar to place it exactly where you want it to go.

Nitro 10 also makes it easier to edit text — roll your mouse over an element to highlight it, then click once to start editing. The Crop tool has also been improved with the addition of predefined page sizes as well as custom measurements.

The Optimize PDF dialog has also been overhauled, to reduce the bewildering array of options down to just three basic options. Despite the lack of options, the Batch Processing tool will prove useful to those tasked with processing multiple documents in the same way, while the Editing tools have successfully been tweaked to be more intuitive to use. The program itself also benefits from performance improvements, which make it that bit more responsive. The OCR engine is still not quite the equal of a dedicated tool either, but version 10 does see some welcome improvements make that criticism harder to stick — the automatic de-skew function in particular will be a bonus and works brilliantly.

Although the program remains comparably great value, its price is starting to drift out of the each of more casual users, and those considering an upgrade might do well to install the day trial which can be run alongside version 9 before committing to a fresh purchase.

In summary Nitro Pro continues to age like a fine wine, but the days of it disrupting the PDF editing market are long gone now. It also remains good value too:

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MD5 Checksum: It helps you easily Create industry-standard PDF files from almost any file format. And sharing is seamless: It gives you a powerful set of easy-to-use tools that make working with digital documents simple, straightforward, and more cost-effective. From individual users to large enterprises, Nitro Pro 64 bit gives users the tools to work smarter and faster. Explore more of the powerful features that accelerate the way businesses create, prepare and sign documents.

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Sam Thorpe, Director of Product. Guide to What’s New in Nitro Pro PDF Portfolio. Viewing & Creation. It’s not just for Acrobat. PDF Portfolio creation lets you. Preview PDF files in Windows Explorer, Outlook and Web browsers. Tab-based file CONVERT & EXPORT. Nitro Pro 10 vs Adobe® Acrobat® DC. Acrobat. Pro. Jun 14, Nitro Pro has been the budget alternative to Adobe’s expensive Acrobat PDF conversion and editing tool for a number of years now.

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