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3 Free Norton Ghost Alternatives to Create a Full Windows Image Backup

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Norton Ghost used to be the go to piece of drive imaging software if you wanted to create full backups of your entire Windows system. Backup Images have an advantage over backing up files and folders because they make a complete copy of everything in the Windows partition. Thankfully things are different now and even Windows can create basic full image backups of your system, although it can be slightly inflexible.

Macrium Reflect Free The free version of Macrium Reflect has become one of the most reliable and respected pieces of imaging software around.

There are paid versions which offer more functions such as incremental backups, email notifications, scripting and password encryption, but the free version creates full backup images with ease, works fast and could be all you need.

Creating a Macrium Reflect Backup When you download Macrium Reflect Free from the official source, CNET , it downloads an executable where you choose which distro you want and it downloads the latest version to the specified folder. Make sure to click Options and select a bit or bit version to match the architecture for the computer you are going to install it on.

Download Macrium Reflect Free Edition , install and launch. If for instance the boot files for this install are on another Windows partition which is part of a multiboot system, you can choose to disable it from being backed up here. A summary screen will show where you can also change a things like compression level via the Advanced Options button, but the default settings are usually good enough.

Click Finish. The final window gives the option to run the backup now and also to save the backup task as an XML file so you can run this task in future with a simple double click.

Just click OK to do both. When the imaging completes, you should have a file with random letters and numbers with the extension. Create a Macrium Reflect Rescue Media The Macrium program will nag you every time you run it until you choose to create a rescue media, this is with good reason because you cannot recover your system image without the rescue disc.

You have the option of creating either a Windows based rescue disc or a Linux based one. At the next window, select a bit or bit rescue disc and click Next.

The Macrium boot media can also perform backups. There are however, special cutdown licensed versions created for hard drive manufacturers Western Digital and Seagate. As long as you have a drive by one of those companies installed on your system internal or external , you can use the special version of True Image. Create an Image Using Acronis Special Versions The feature set is highly reduced from the full Acronis True Image but you can still backup and restore images, clone discs and mount images as virtual drives.

Install and launch whichever version you have downloaded depending on your hardware. All the options you require to backup are held in this window: Presets are available in the drop down for the drives you already have attached. Make sure your media is already inserted, click Next and then Proceed in the next window to write the rescue media. On top of that, Backupper Standard is completely free for personal and commercial use. Give the task a proper name. System Backup chooses only the partitions required that enable Windows to boot for backup.

If you have a system reserved partition, that will be included also. Select the Windows PE option and click Next. Click the writing option you prefer and follow the prompts to complete the process. The AOMEI rescue disc is actually the same program as you get on the desktop and it should also recognize your previous backup tasks. Simply Click Restore on the task, click Yes when asked if you want to restore a system image, highlight the backup file and click Start Restore.

If you backup partition C onto partition D for example, and they are both on the same physical hard drive, if the drive fails you will lose both partitions at the same time, and that includes the only backup you might have of partition C. This could be a costly and painful mistake. You might also like:

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Total downloads: The application features multiple backup creation options and provides scheduling for regular copying. Encryption of the backup data is possible. Norton Ghost Users write reviews stating that the strong side of the software is:

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TOO BAD, the links provided above are not working. I tried it and just a suggestion, do not waste your time guys! Good news is that, I already. Download Norton Ghost for free. Norton Ghost With Norton Ghost , you have a choice of backup types: full system (disk image) or. AppNee provides you with the Norton Ghost Full Setup, bootable Symantec Recovery Disk (ISO format, universal for all Windows versions).

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