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Project 2013 Professional

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Microsoft Project Professional enables project managers to plan projects easily and collaborate with project team members from virtually anywhere. Download Microsoft Project Project managment professionals can download Microsoft Project free from Evaluation Center for trial purposes. Project can be installed in many different languages including: The evaluation period is 60 days If you register and download Project from Microsoft Evaluation Center, you will be also provided with a Microsoft Project product key.
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Free Microsoft Project 2013 Download Trial Edition

Please check your inbox for download link and tips to get started. On this page, I will show you two options for turning MS Project data into a clean, easy-to-understand timeline fit for presentations to high-level audiences.

Which tutorial would you like to see? Making a timeline in PowerPoint takes: From here, tick the Timeline checkbox you can see in the Split View group. Microsoft Project will add a blank timeline on top of your Gantt Chart View.

Click on the small down arrow on the Task Name header in your project table. From the menu that pops up, go to Group by and select Milestones. Microsoft Project will automatically separate your milestones from the tasks and move them all high up in the sheet so you can identify them instantly. Microsoft project will instantly add the selected data to your timeline. Now, if you wish to add extra milestones to the graphic, you can do it at any time either from the project table following the steps described earlier, or by using the Timeline Tools.

Here, from the Insert group, you can use the Existing Tasks button to add milestones you already have in your spreadsheet, or click on the small Diamond icon to create a new milestone. You may also want to remove items from the graphic if your timeline gets too crowded or if your plans change. To do so, select the milestone you wish to take out and, in the Timeline Tools Format tab, click on Remove from Timeline.

If you have overlapping milestone labels like I did, you can reposition them higher or lower on the timeline to make room for all texts.

From your graphic, simply select the label you wish to move and drag it to the desired position. Now, to make the timeline more eye-pleasing, you can customize all texts on the graphic.

A dialogue box will pop up, allowing you to easily change text fonts, colors, styles, and sizes. You can choose to apply the same formatting to all items on the graphic, or to customize only particular groups, such as Milestone Dates, Timescale text, or the Today Label. Microsoft Project also lets you customize individual items on the timeline, which can help you diversify your graphic or draw attention to important data.

Simply select the desired item and change the formatting using the buttons that appear in the Font group of the Timeline Tools Format tab. For instance, you can recolor a text using the Font Color button and change the color of the timeline bar or that of a milestone diamond by clicking the small Paint Bucket icon.

Quick tip: While this does provide opportunities for further editing, it also means that the objects and overall layout can get distorted if you try to resize the graphic after pasting it into another document. If the graphic is too wide to fit a slide or email message properly, you can avoid any distortions by resizing the MS Project window before clicking Copy Timeline.

Download the pre-built Microsoft Project timeline file.


The Microsoft-Project software easily lets the user plan, correlate, organize and analyze multiple projects in a cohesive platform that can be shared across groups while projects are in progress. Project management software This software by Microsoft can be used to launch, modify and execute multiple sized projects and correlate related tasks from devices anywhere. It installs a desktop tool that analyzes and reports on the resources of financial budgets, alternatives solutions, and the progress of projected timelines. It works seamlessly with the office subscription, which can be used on any computer or mobile device. Some activities project members can use it for includes reporting on when specific tasks are completed, filling out time-sheets, communicating priorities and other issues as they occur. Definitions of business standards and related companies may be defined and set limitations in directing the projects accordingly.

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Project Professional helps you easily plan projects and collaborate with Business Software · Office Suites; Project Professional Project Professional Free to try Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Version Includes free MS Project Gantt chart template and steps to export to PowerPoint. Click on the small down arrow on the Task Name header in your project table. Take your office work to another level with Microsoft project Professional Microsoft project professional is an application from Microsoft.

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