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The Most Reliable Android Data Recovery Tool Saves All Your Indispensable Data & Files

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Review Changelog Ever mistakenly clicked on a folder and deleted it alongside hundreds or thousands of pictures on it, all the while thinking you deleted just one picture. Well it is safe to assume that would be annoying. This is a mistake that could happen to anybody.
phonerescue for android

You might have come across the product Phonerescue already if you are an iPhone or even an Android user. This special software was solely dedicated to recovering data off iOS devices. However, PhoneRescue is now capable of recovering data off Android phones and tablets. This software is presented by iMobie. They say that Phonerescue can recover a variety of files. For instance, it can recover messages, photos, contacts, call history, photos, and even the installed app data.

Now, these respective software works perfectly on Mac and Windows computers. We tried to recover different types of data using Phonerescue software — iBackup viewer. In fact, we initially used this software on an iOS device. The software was able to recover many types of files. After all, we should expect some errors even from the perfect software tools. In this Phonerescue review, we will explain both the strengths and weaknesses associated with the software.

Also, in this Phonerescue review, we will justify the ratings we placed for this software. What we appreciate about Phonerescue Phonerescue comes with four recovery modes, and it can expand the potential of recovering data.

Phonerescue is capable of recovering data even without connecting the device with the phone. This is a great option if you have physically damaged or faulty devices.

It can recover data even from the devices that are lost. This software can export some types of files on the iOS device. Such a feature makes it really difficult for you to select just the data we needed to recover.

An introduction to Phonerescue Primarily, Phonerescue is a data recovery software introduced by iMobie Inc. This special Phone Rescue tool claims to have the ability to recover deleted or lost data off smartphones. Apart from recovering lost data, Phonerescue can perform a variety of other tasks as well. As per the developers, Phonerescue can do the following. Scanning iOS and Android devices directly and recovering the photos, videos, contacts, etc.

Extracting data files from iCloud and iTunes backups to restore them on the device. Repairing the issues related to iOS devices as a result of an incomplete update or system crash. Instead of that, you will have to install the program on the computer system and connect the device with it. This special program supports several languages as well.

Can you rely on Phonerescue? In fact, we have tested Phonerescue on both Mac and Windows computers. We scanned it using a couple of best antivirus programs in the market and had no issues at all. More importantly, iMobie is recognized by Apple as a certified developer. When you use Phonerescue, the data stored on your device remains unharmed. During the scan it performs, it utilizes a read-only method. During the recovery process, the program will wait for your consent to access data in your backups.

What does Phonerescue have for you? As of this writing of Phonerescue review, Phonerescue has released 3. So, we believe that there can be some changes to the software in due course. That means, this software will become more powerful in the future, and you will find it more useful.

Apart from iOS devices at the initial stage , this software can now recover data from Android devices. When it comes to the interface, both Windows and Mac versions appear to be the same. In order to start the process, you should download and install the software.

Well, this is a really straightforward process. Once the app is launched, you will be able to see a very attractive interface as well.

It is also presented with a nice animation. The Phonerescue icon will be there with a special window. This window will display several important things you should remember in order to make it easy for you. After reading the tips, you will be able to start the process.

Then, you will be able to see another screen showing the most important aspects. In fact, it shows the main recovery modes as well. In this Phonerescue review, we will explain all those four instances and explain their functionalities. Instance 1: Recovering data from the iOS device Suppose that you have a device on which some of the files are deleted. For instance, you have deleted some pictures, videos, messages and audio clips on your iPhone.

Nevertheless, please note that this method requires your device to be detected by the computer. In addition to that, I noticed a blue color arrow which is activated.

So, it is a matter of clicking it to continue. The device was then recognized by the iCloud backup extractor app. In fact, the entire process was finished within a minute or so. Well, at the end of the scan, I noticed that there are a few thousands of files. The collection of files comprised of contacts, call logs, deleted text messages , attachments, bookmarks, and even voicemails.

In addition to that, we ended up finding photos, videos, music files, and thumbnails as well. What we think in general The process of recovering data is pretty quicker than we expected.

The entire memory of the phone was scanned within a couple of minutes. Also, we are happy about the fact that it has found plenty of files from the device we tested. It also was able to find a large range of files that were deleted from the device.

Therefore, it can be a pretty daunting task for you to locate the exact files you will need to recover. Instance 2: In this case, you will be able to seek the assistance of your official backup iTunes saved on the computer.

Initially, Phonerescue detected an iTunes backup of the iOS device we tested. It then performed an analysis of the found backup and extracted the data. So, this option becomes really handy if the phone is damaged or not recognized by the computer.

Phonerescue review is capable of finding the iTunes backup file and restore the relevant data to another iOS device. We say so due to several good reasons. When it comes to Phonerescue, however, you can preview the contents before the restoration. It also lets you restore the files selectively. That means you can restore only the files you need using Phonerescue.

The other thing is that iTunes will erase the existing data in the device before restoration. For many individuals, this is a nightmare. It just restores data without affecting any data. Instance 3: Recovering data through iCloud This method works on different conditions compared to both the options we have mentioned previously. That means it works if you have already backed up your iOS device into iCloud. It also works if the iCloud synchronization is switched on in the iOS device you are using.

Then, you should hit the blue-color button to continue the process. Before everything else, Phonerescue wanted us to sign in using the iCloud credentials to access the backup file.

We believe that a reputed company like iMobile do stick to their word. Well, we provided the credentials of the Apple ID. Then, we were able to see the devices that are enabled with iCloud backup. After that, we had to select a backup that should be downloaded. Then, you have to click next to move forward. As a result, you will see all the files stored in the respective iCloud backup. However, the interesting thing is that all the files displayed in this software are already existing in iCloud.

In other words, there is no point in using this mode. There is no notable difference between iCloud data retrieval and Phonerescue. With both of the methods, you have to log in using the Apple ID and navigate to find files. In a nutshell, we would not use this option any further. Instance 4: Repairing iOS As we mentioned before in this Phonerescue review, this is the fourth mode of the Phonerescue.

A quick summary of our Phonerescue review

You might have come across the product Phonerescue already if you are an iPhone or even an Android user. This special software was solely dedicated to recovering data off iOS devices. However, PhoneRescue is now capable of recovering data off Android phones and tablets. This software is presented by iMobie.

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