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PhotoPad Image Editor

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For those that share a lot of photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, this is actually a very good thing, allowing you to download your images from a phone or tablet and edit them on a much bigger screen without needing a resource-hogging, expensive photo editor. PhotoPad installs to your Application folder, but because it is a third-party app you’ll need to set an exception for it before loading. Once done, it opens without issue and allows you to get to work immediately.
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NCH PhotoPad

Importing Pictures into PhotoPad This tutorial will take you step-by-step through the process of importing a picture into PhotoPad for editing. Import images from your hard drive, a camera or a scanner.

You can even make a screenshot or take a picture with your webcam. Using the Selection Tools in PhotoPad Learn to use the rectangular selection tool, the lasso selection tool and the magic wand in this tutorial. You will also learn how to create a border for your picture and apply an artistic effect to just a portion of the image.

Flip pictures horizontally or vertically. Rotate pictures 45 degrees, 90 degrees, degrees or arbitrarily. Resize Photos Resize your images for print or for the web. Learn how to utilize the Liquid Resize tool for pictures that you need to resize but don’t want to lose any details by cropping. Quickly optimize exposure, brightness, contrast and saturation. Learn to use levels and curves. Get creative with color using the gradient, hue and tint tools. Apply effects such as sepia, negative, grayscale or vintage.

Add Text to Your Images Learn how to add text to your images to create captions, invitations and more. This tutorial will take you step by step through the process of adding a text layer and customizing the characteristics of your text. This tutorial teaches you how to pick a color, change the opacity and size of your brush. It also shows you the attributes of the various brushes. Using the Eraser Tool This tutorial will show you how to use the eraser tool to click and drag on your image and erase underneath the cursor.

The video will also demonstrate how to use the restore brush button if you have erased too much. Stitch Photos to Create a Panorama This tutorial teaches you how to stitch multiple pictures together to create a panorama image.

It is perfect for those scenes that your camera lens just can’t completely capture without cropping. Add Color to Black and White Photos This tutorial teaches you how to use the “Colorize” tool both creatively and efficiently.

Add color to old family photos to bring them to life or add color to a part of a black and white picture for an artistic effect. Apply an Effect to a Selected Area This tutorial teaches you how to use the “Regional Effects” tool to apply an effect to just a portion of your photo.

Changing the Background Layer This tutorial will show you how to change the background layer in photographs with PhotoPad. Change the background to a solid color, transparent or an image and learn how to resize and adjust the background layer. Making a Photo Collage This tutorial guides you through the process of making a photo collage in PhotoPad.

Print your Photos This tutorial shows you how to use the printing options in PhotoPad’s print dialog. There are some tutorials for previous versions that are still valid in version 4. Like what you see? PhotoPad Photo Editing Software is perfect for touching up all the photos you’ve been taking with your digital camera or scanning to your computer. Whether you want to crop, rotate, and resize your photos, improve their quality with tools such as sharpening and noise reduction, or create a panorama with photo stitching, photo editing has never been easier.

Photo editing tools

PhotoPad Image Editor Help v 2. Opening a Photo To open a photo, click the Open button on the toolbar, or select Open from the File menu. Using the dialog box, select an image to open and click Open. The image will appear in the canvas viewer, and the layers panel will show that the new project has an image layer. Creating a new blank project: Creating a new blank project To create a new empty project, click the New button on the Home tab of the toolbar and select a page size and orientation from the new project dialog.

VIDEO: PhotoPad Image Editor – Download em Português

PhotoPad Photo Editor is a “free for non-commercial home use” app via its presets or would love to have some powerful manual controls. If you have difficulties using PhotoPad Image Editor please read the applicable topic before requesting support. If your problem is not covered in this user guide. problems include high CPU usage, application errors, and possible virus infection. Here are the image to expand the troubleshooting instructions for each step below. . Description: PhotoPad Image Editor.

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