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How to use Bitvise (SSH) and Proxifier for free internet

Free Internet? Certainly is not foreign to you about the free internet. But many bloggers, surfers, downloader, uploader that does not know how to use equipment or tools that are used to trick the free internet that many scattered in forums, blogs, social networks and more. Here I do not patronize, but I just wanted to mensharing How do I use Bitvise and proxifier order to surf for free. Because the free internet trick is now the most ngetrend in the world Phreaker ie free internet trick using ssh and proxifier inject.

Okay we get into turorial, first step, there are some software that you need to have is: Install Bitvise that you have downloaded from the link above.

Install Proxifier and input the serial number that you can get from the link above. Then remove the program if it is completed. After that, open the SSH Client software Bitvise Remember, before running this software, you must dial up connection you beforehand. If you have SSH account that you get from the internet, you just donnload account. In the picture above, you clayey Proxy settings menu, after that you centrang Use Proxy then enter: Adjust ports on your Inject Proxy Type: If successful login, you will be successful as this warning on Bitvise you log in.

Do not close this Bitvise if you want to proceed to the next stage 7. After that, the Proxy Servers fill in accordance with what you have on the contents in Bitvise Software Services menu. For example, I had to use Then OK and OK again.

Then Click OK. Now Try browsing the browser you are using, as an example I use google chrome on this tutorial. In Proxifier How? Hopefully this article can help the friend who struggle to use this way. Once again I hope useful for all of you. Thank You.


Proxifier License Key helps with both of these tasks. The program also can unblock other applications, such as a browser, a P2P client, an FTP utility, or instant-messaging software. Proxifier 3. With this tool, you will be easy to set up a proxy to be used by all applications on your computer at once. Thus you no longer need to bother to set the proxy of an application one-by-one.

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There are several issues, depending on the windows version. From Windows 8, with the introduction of the “Modern” UI applications (previously. Ok, just this time I will share another one Proxifier Full Version software is an application that allows other network applications that do not support / work. But now days we have solution for everything and for this we can simply use Proxifier which is a network utility designed for multiplatform.

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