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How Propellerhead’s New “Ignition Key” Authorization for Record Works

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Why Reason 7 isn’t K’ed?

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Record will in fact use a hardware dongle as a key. Propellerhead obviously anticipated a response, as on their own site, they concede: You mean… a dongle? Are you insane? Authorization is, of course, always annoying to paid users on some level, and I expect some of you will still be unhappy with the USB key approach.

Looking at it on balance, there are some advantages in certain situations, when compared to software-only authorization, and disadvantages in others. This is a preview only of a non-shipping product, based on information Propellerhead has shared and my own experience. First, to clear up a misconception: In demo mode, you can do everything except open files. What if something happens to your key during a set? The backup method is Internet authorization. An Internet authorization is just as full-featured as using the USB key.

I asked Propellerhead when the Internet connection has to be active, and they reported that there are two times: When you startup the software 2. Each time you open a file This is just based on my own tests and conversations; see the full discussion at the Props site: This also means if a drive fails or a software authorization is lost, you have to use a limited supply of existing authorizations or find a serial number. With the key, you can move between all those locations, then get to someone who has a new machine and download the file there, plug in, and go.

But Propellerhead have themselves noted some of the complaints: Software that immediately stops working if a key is disconnected or breaks, or that immediately loses the ability to save Companies that charge extra for the dongle Companies that charge you a significant portion or the full cost of a product if you break or lose your key.

Propellerhead have addressed all of these issues. Most importantly, the replacement policy: The basic idea of a USB key is to work like a car key, to make ownership physical and fairly straightforward. But that still leaves some complains. That still leaves some problems.

If you have one laptop you carry everywhere, you may like it less. I think the other factor in the growing dissent is a trend away from these kinds of an ti-piracy schemes in general. Music DRM is dead. Computer games, though still widely pirated, have gone to less restrictions after users rebelled and piracy remained unabated.

Cakewalk has serial-only authorization on their products; do it once, and forget about it. But if developers want to understand why users are resistant, I think the evidence is there.

I do think we need more reasoned discussion of these issues, though, instead of defensive developers and frustrated users just venting.


I agree Propellerheads solution is a Much better solution than Ilok. Disappointing that Propellerheads remains closed no vst etc.. No smokescreens and no intentional crippling Decisions, Decisions.. Yup, I use Komplete also. Its a great suite for its price.

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