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serial number

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Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word serial. Princeton’s WordNet 2. Go to these sites for serials, cracks and keygens. Webster Dictionary 0.
serial word

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Similar words: Random good picture 1. My favourite serial is on the programme. The serial rapist has struck again. Each computer has a serial number on it. Each computer is uniquely specified by its serial number. The first part of the serial ended with a real cliffhanger. The serial has fallen in the ratings this week. It’s a film about a serial killer and not for the faint-hearted.

The report studies the psychological make-up of a serial killer. A new serial is starting on television tonight. The serial killer claimed to have killed people.

The serial was filmed on location in Italy. She wrote a thriller about a brutal serial killer. Can you account for the serial failures in our experiment? Keep the questions in the same serial order. Our new serial thriller begins at 7. And when the hospital serial finished they carried their coffee across to the set and watched the courtroom serial.

Some computer printers – so called, http: Slabs or successive slabs with faces suitable for serial reconstruction of large-scale fabrics can be made at this stage. An alleged serial killer whose parents loved him? What about fingerprints, copycat crimes and serial murders? Serial multipartnerism, which can also be called serial monogamy, means having partners one at a time. Many early computers were serial, since they were built round serial storage media such as delay lines.

They’re the devil, these serial murders. Recycling is the first step toward becoming a serial killer. A series of unsolved murders on the island has raised fears that a psychopathic serial killer is on the loose.

Police say that they have no proof that a serial killer is responsible for the four murders. Read in studio Police have more than trebled the reward on offer for the capture of a serial rapist. After a bottle of wine, Flora talked about her second divorce, continuing the next instalment of the afternoon serial.

The imagination of Presley has been rendered uncomfortable by the presence of the serial killer known as Pitchfork Disney. But for the sheer number of performances, there has been nothing to compare with the serial trials of white collar criminals.

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Mar 2, If you need to include serial numbers in your printed matter (labels, letters, documents, etc.), the best way is through the use of Word’s. This word-length effect has been thought to depend on the spoken duration of immediate serial word recall task was ®rst reported by Baddeley, Thomson, and. The word-length effect in immediate serial recall has been explained as the possible consequence of rehearsal processes or of output processes. In the.

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