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Shaper Utilities

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New Jersey I try my best not to pass judgement on new tech because this might be the next big thing. I have noticed two things. Being first through the door might save you a few dollars but you might end up with a paperweight.
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Shaper Tools Will Blow Your Mind

Quote from: It’s a novel idea but I think the Shaper is more practical. One reason I was hesitating is the risk of them failing to launch, which I judged is minimal given how long the worked on it before starting to take orders. I also figure that the first batch will have landed months before mine is ready and there is the option to cancel right up to shipping. Festool lending their reputation to it via supplying the spindles also gave me comfort. I also think the Shaper is much more precise in terms of placing the cuts where you want them on the stock.

Whacking something out of a sheet of plywood is one thing, locating finger joints on the end of a dimensioned board is another. Anyone interested in an early version of the HandiBot at a great price? RMW Quote from: Timtool on October 07, , It’s cool to see it doing a small cut in the middle of a giant panel, as cool as watching an SUV commercial with it driving through the desert or on a beach. That just doesn’t happen in every day life. In reality you want your CNC to get the most out of your material, work close to the edge and cut out parts close to each other.

Here if you don’t want a huge waste line around the material then you need to build a large table around your material with wide edges level with the material. Every time, for every different element and every different thickness.

If you make several cuts next to each other, you will have grooves everywhere or even holes where certain parts have been removed, how will that interact with the wheels, not to mention the huge amount of dust. Or if you cut all the way through, the wheels could drag the parts and get them mangled by the cutter. I wonder how you can even hold down small materials if you can’t have any clamps stick out on top?

Not to mention the giant, slit-free level surface you need to build around the material each time. This seems to be only for cutting on complete sheets, with either huge loss or huge set up time.

One thing you will never replace with the Shaper is the lack of contact time required compared to a traditional CNC machine. This new product combines the advantages of being self propelled and requiring minimal contact whilst still retaining the space saving elements.

If you’re using either professionally or a semi-serious hobby, not having to manually guide the tool is a huge time saver. Not trying to advocated for one over the other as everyone’s use case will vary. One thing I really look forward to in the Shaper is not having to deal with CAM in the design itself.

I like the idea of working from a simple graphics file and having the tool figure out toolpaths and the onboard control of depth of cut. I can whack out simple outlines in Sketchup rather than having to delve into VCarve or Fusion. All from the onboard controls which is what really excites me. Thanks for a fun ride!

This allows you to evaluate what the machine can really do before you buy it

How would it actually fit within your workflow? Let’s get them out on the table. First off, the Origin will still have certain limitations that all routers do, like burning the workpiece if your feed rate is incorrect, and having to deal with clamps getting in the way while working on smaller pieces. But those are all problems with established solutions. So let’s move on to the positives. No More Templates The router mavens among you will instantly recognize that the Origin obviates the need to make templates. This has two clear benefits.

VIDEO: How Practical is the Shaper Origin Self-Correcting Router? – Core77

Export to Shaper Origin. Initially Shaper Origin (our hand held cnc) receives a two click export feature. Eliminating the time lost to . Release Date: 10/24/ We have the new Shaper Origin CNC machine in our workshop! . told me they wouldn’t be shipping units to the UK at the introductory rate. The augmented reality power tool will ship in January. you’ll be happy to know that Shaper’s Origin augmented reality power cutter will once.

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