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Migrating plugins, materials, components and other settings to SketchUp 2016

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I must have missed your answer, I’m sorry. Thank you so much for your well written answer!! BatelRahat, Sketchup is notorious for running slowly when the file has almost any size over about 20MB.
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I must have missed your answer, I’m sorry. Thank you so much for your well written answer!! BatelRahat, Sketchup is notorious for running slowly when the file has almost any size over about 20MB.

There are a large number of both complaints and solutions to the problem which is not a matter of the system capabilities- the hardware, but rather the way to manipulate objects. The difficulties derive from the way that everything in the model, including a single line has to calculated in dimension, position and attribute: As you can imagine, shadows are calculation-intensive. However, it is possible to improve the navigation significantly: To make Sketchup run faster: Make extensive use of Layers: Put as much as possible onto layers.

These can be turned off when working on one portion and the model will move easily and often it’s easier to see things. In a building if the outer walls and roof are layers, it’s possible to turn those off to work on interiors. Turn the layers on to check conflicts of changes. Simplify geometry: Choose carefully how many segments to curves and circles. In a project with complex curved walls that were m long, the curves were made into segments to have a smooth appearance, but the file was impossibly large and was redrawn to segments and made the project file change from 56MB to 11MB.

Run Sketchup in monochrome view without shadows: This in effect temporarily turns off millions of polygons so it’s possible to navigate the model much more quickly. You don’t see the colors, textures, and transparent are seen as solid, but it will move about easily 4. Wherever possible, create entities as Components and Groups. This model is 2. As my building model is MB, it’s necessary to test the file size of everything and as of these chairs were needed, it would be impossible to add 4,MB to the model.

To test, the model was downloaded to a special file, the model selected and right-clicked to make it a component, and it was copied, made a group of 2, that copied and combined with the first 2 unit group to create a group of 4, that group copied to make a group of 8, that group made I then made 8 copies of that group, exploded so I had a single group of 8 X 16 or chairs. But, the files size was not In that same building, as it is bilaterally symmetrical and has complex curved walls, I could make walls as components and then only mirror them – or in Eketchup parlance “Fip on x Axis”.

Of course, the other benefit of Components is that if you change one, all of them are changed. I made a mistake on this building as I did not make a particular pair of doors a component and it took almost two hours to add door handles to all those doors. Use the Purge Unused feature: Do not add textures until the last. Textures slows down Sketchup tremendously because of the polygon count. Add them as late as possible to the model. In the current project as there are 5 floors, at the time.

I make a model with all major portions in one drawing so it’s known to fit together, then separate the major blocks into files. I hope this helps. Sketchup can be wonderful, but when the files become unwieldy, the most frustrating program in the World. Cheers, BambiBoom Modeling:

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Download SketchUp Pro App to create 3D models of anything. ✓ Virus Free. SketchUp Pro is a powerful CAD tool specifically made for professionals to handle engineering designs and other architectural diagrams. Hi, I’m having some lagging with my Sketchup Pro while working on a 65MB file. My PC is very powerful – Nvidia Quadro M, Intel.

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