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Solid State Logic Duende Native v5.1.1 (WIN)

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Visit Website Setup and First Impressions The SSL Native V6 bundle can be downloaded from the official SSL website—you’ll simply need an iLok 2 or 3 to authorize the free day demo or your licensed copy , and the installation process is streamlined and straightforward. As the names imply, some plugins are single-use like the X-EQ and X-ValveComp , while some are more complete channel strips aimed at specific use cases like vocals, drums, or general channel processing. The graphic choices made by the SSL team seem to be the highlight of most threads discussing the plugins on Gearslutz or other forums, with very few users feeling undecided. Personally, I love the look of the SSL V6 plugins, and they’ve quickly become my favorite plugins to look at during a session.
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SSL Native Bundle V6 Review: The Most Impressive SSL Emulations Ever

Drumstrip and Vocalstrip are ‘task specific’ plug-ins which each gather together a set of carefully selected and lovingly crafted processing tools to get you straight to outstanding Drum and Vocal sounds quickly and easily. X-EQ and X-Comp are both mastering grade processors that deliver superb balance of precision and tonal character. It is the secret behind countless classic recordings. It is a simple unit with a simple purpose; it makes complete mixes sound bigger, with more power, punch and drive.

It brings cohesion and strength to your mix without compromising clarity. The Duende Bus Compressor brings the dual benefits of spectacular audio performance with a universally acclaimed compressor characteristic.

Taking its sonic cues from the bus compressor found in the Solid State Logic SL G Series console, the world’s most successful studio production console, the plug-in delivers a sound quality that has produced hundreds of best selling recordings. Drumstrip The secret to making an average drum recording sound incredible can be elusive.

It takes the right combination of processors, with the perfect sonic character, in the correct configuration and tweaked in the right way.

Drumstrip takes drum sounds from ordinary and average to vibrant and exhilarating in a few quick, easy steps. Plug in, switch on and experiment. Drumstrip handles the hard part; putting the right selection of fantastic sounding processing tools in your hands in an instant. With Drumstrip, DAW users can attain increased presence, clarity and detail in their drum tracks; reduce spill in individual tracks; restore natural brightness; achieve greater perceived loudness; shorten or lengthen the attack and sustain of percussive signals; tighten up booming toms; make kicks and snares stand out in a mix; and parallel compress room mics.

Vocalstrip Vocalstrip is an application specific plug-in that draws upon decades of SSL professional engineering expertise to combine the right four processing elements to create the simple route to professional vocal recordings. Combining EQ and dynamics sections with essential vocal processors, Vocalstrip aims to bring power, character and clarity to vocal tracks from a single interface.

Vocalstrip solves the challenges of producing great vocal recordings with four processing tools carefully selected and calibrated to deliver great results every time. X-EQ is exceptionally flexible with the ability to be surgically precise for mastering duties or to smooth and sculpt for everyday audio production and is particularly suited to real time manipulation for dramatic filter sweep effects.

Bands 1 and 10 are High and Low Filters, each of which can be set to employ one of five different Filter topologies with five very different tonal characters. Bands two and nine are shelving EQ’s with a Q range that extend right up to The remaining six bands are all Bell EQ’s with a choice of nine different EQ types providing a comprehensive range of response curves.

All of the Bell bands can also be switched from the usual serial signal flow of a parametric EQ to the parallel signal flow of a graphic equalizer. The audio performance, specifications, analysis tools and depth of control offered by X-Comp are exemplary.

It delivers mastering grade audio fidelity with a distinctly analogue feel and can be used for everything from ‘invisible’ subtle dynamic control for mastering, to dramatic ‘brick wall’ effects that inject raw energy and power that competes with the legendary SSL Listen Mic Compressor. Between these two extremes X-Comp can reproduce the characteristics of a wide range of modern and classic vintage compressors.

In X-Comp we haven’t just modeled a particular compressor, but have provided a set of features and controls that allow the emulation of a broad range of compressor designs.

SSL Console Grade Processing For Your DAW

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The SSL Duende Native Plug-in Suiteis a collection of audio processing tools which bring professionalaudio quality, sophistication and benchmark performance. BREVERB 2 v MAC OSX R2R Software, Mac, Audio Solid State Logic SSL Duende Native Channel Plug-In Ported from the C Console #. SSL Native plugins can be authorised by machine-based iLok licensing or iLok 2 / iLok 3 USB dongles. Click here to access ‘Duende Native’ legacy installers.

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