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Best Karaoke Machines Why trust us about online piano lessons? We spent 60 hours taking online piano lessons to help you find the right piano learning software. Our testing staff has more than 20 years of experience as working musicians and have taken countless face-to-face lessons and online lessons for a variety of instruments.
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Best Karaoke Machines Why trust us about online piano lessons? We spent 60 hours taking online piano lessons to help you find the right piano learning software. Our testing staff has more than 20 years of experience as working musicians and have taken countless face-to-face lessons and online lessons for a variety of instruments.

Luckily, the piano is not the primary instrument for any of our test staff, so we could effectively take beginning piano lessons, compare important features and make recommendations as novice piano players and advanced-level musicians. We are also aware of the advantages and disadvantages of face-to-face instruction. Software instruction may not be the best option for everyone, but we found a few products that couple the advantages of software learning with the option to ask questions of a real human.

As musicians, we were interested to see how long it would take to learn a beginner song on an unfamiliar instrument. Most of the products we tested gave us enough instruction to effectively play beginner songs in less than an hour. In addition to our exhaustive research and testing protocols, we interviewed experts and people who use piano learning software in a professional capacity to stay up-to-date on all the latest features.

We talked with Ryan Conger, professional keyboard player and music instructor at Fast Forward Charter High School , about how he uses software to supplement face-to-face instruction. How we tested online piano lessons and piano learning apps Our testing process for online piano lessons started with evaluating how easily each product can be purchased, downloaded and installed.

Once the software was downloaded on our testing computer, we looked for all available features and took note of how easy it was to switch between lessons and songs. After we were comfortable navigating the software or app, we started taking beginner lessons. We also tested how easy it was to use a MIDI keyboard when the software allowed for that.

How much do online piano lessons cost? The online piano courses we reviewed require a monthly, semi-annual, annual or lifetime subscription. Even the most expensive online piano lessons are cheaper than face-to-face instruction, and you can take them at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.

Important features of online piano learning software MIDI compatibility The best online piano software allows you to use a MIDI-compatible keyboard to track your progress in real time while you take lessons. The software can identify the specific notes you missed so that you can go back and practice the areas that are giving you the most trouble.

WiFi and Bluetooth are also sometimes an option and will allow you to connect your piano wirelessly to a computer or tablet, if you decide to use a piano learning app. Metronome and adjustable tempo Learning the hardest parts of your favorite song can be easier if you slow it down.

The best software titles allow you to adjust the tempo to help you work through those rough patches. Using a metronome while you practice will improve your ability to play songs at the tempo they were written, and it will also help you keep the tempo consistent throughout the song. Song requests Online piano software that allows you to request specific song titles adds value for someone who wants to buy a yearly or permanent subscription.

Learning songs that are familiar and fun keeps you motivated. Tools for educators Piano lesson software can be used by teachers who want to build a hybrid curriculum for students who have a hard time making it to face-to-face lessons. The best piano lesson software allows you to use a MIDI-compatible keyboard with the lessons, and it tracks your progress in real time as you move through the lessons. MIDI connections started appearing on electronic keyboards in the mids and became a standard feature in the early ’90s.

Chances are, if you have an electronic keyboard in your storage room collecting dust, it has a MIDI connection you can use to take piano lessons online. Most of the newest keyboards have a USB connection on the back panel that interacts with your computer the same as a MIDI connection, so it wouldn’t require an interface cable, only a standard USB cable.

Some have Bluetotth connectivity for a wireless connection too. With the advent of music production and composition software came a new class of keyboard without built-in sounds but designed to interact with software or piano learning apps.

Two important features to look for in a MIDI-compatible keyboard are velocity sensitivity and the number of keys. Velocity sensitive keyboards track how hard you strike a key and send that information to the software, resulting in a range of volumes. Velocity sensitivity is an important feature for students transitioning from beginner lessons to intermediate and advanced lessons.

MIDI controllers come as small as 25 keys, but we recommend using a keyboard with at least 61 keys for piano lessons. A full-size piano has 88 keys, but most beginner and intermediate lessons only use the middle 49 to 61 keys. MIDI controllers for piano learning software When you’re choosing a MIDI-compatible keyboard to use with piano learning software, pay attention to the key feel and built-in sounds. An acoustic piano has 88 weighted keys, and many digital piano manufacturers have done a good job simulating both the feel and sound of an acoustic piano.

MIDI keyboards without built-in sounds have the same software control as digital pianos but are much more cost effective and portable, and they have a varying number of keys. Here are our favorite MIDI controllers to use with piano learning software: This is one of the most compact key digital pianos, but at 25 pounds, it might be a bit too heavy for young students to maneuver around a small bedroom. The semi-weighted keys are the same size as the keys on an acoustic piano, and they velocity sensitive, which means they track how hard you hit the keys and send that volume information to software.

The Keystation series controllers come in , and key versions and have a standard USB output to connect to a home computer or laptop. Practice tracking apps One of the most important aspects of using software to learn an instrument is self-motivation. These apps have tools to track progress, record practice sessions and manage a practice routine. Modacity Modacity is a practice tracker, audio recorder and note taking app with an organized and easy-to-use interface.

It allows you to customize a practice plan and tracks your progress with statistical data and audio recordings which speed up or slow down to help you fine tune your lessons. It has a practice timer for up to two hours, which continues to run even if you open a different app to text or make a phone call.

Music Journal Pro creates bar graphs that show how many minutes you practice each song or scale. You export the graphs to email to your instructor or archive them in a different location. This app also has a metronome and tempo adjustment feature which allows you to slow a song down, and the app tracks the beats per minute BPM , so you can set a goal and view your progress with the BPM chart.

Online sheet music catalog The best piano learning programs we tested have huge libraries of sheet music you can use for practice. In some cases you can print out the music or download it to a tablet.

MusicNotes This online catalog contains more than , arrangements that span a wide variety of musical genres. The app also allows you to loop troublesome sections of an arrangement and mark up the score with notes to help you remember rhythm and key changes. The Mutopia Project Most of the sheet music selections in the Mutopia catalog are classical and baroque compositions, but they are all free to print, copy, distribute and perform because they are in the public domain.

There are more than 2, titles in this catalog, but only around are specifically for piano. The best piano learning programs we tested incorporate both ear training and sight reading, but if you are looking for some supplementary resources to motivate you to practice, here are some good mobile apps.

Tenuto Tenuto is a helpful ear training app from the developers of musictheory. The exercises are available offline, so you can brush up on your ear training from a comfortable park bench or on the bus ride to work. The exercises are fully customizable to help you practice the key signatures and scales that are giving you the most trouble. Challenge Mode allows you to add a time limit to the lessons and motivates you to try to beat your previous high score.

Music tutor Music Tutor is a free app for Android and iOS devices that improves your sight-reading skills with speed and accuracy drills. You can customize the range of notes you want to practice, and the app gives you instant feedback about accuracy and response time in one-, five- or minute sessions. The exercises include notes up to four ledger lines above or below the staff for any of the clefs.

You enter the notes by using the virtual keyboard or a connected MIDI controller, or by pressing the letter note values.

Music Tutor also helps develop your ear training by playing the sound of the note, but you can turn that feature off if it becomes a distraction. However, it is an important part of learning to play an instrument, and the sooner you learn it, the better. We tested and ranked the best music notation software for a home computer, but here are some easy-to-use mobile apps to help you get started writing and archiving your own piano sheet music.

This app has the best-sounding playback engine of all the notation apps, so when you write a piano part, you can hear it played back on a Steinway grand piano.

Notion has a virtual keyboard to help you input notes if you prefer that method to handwriting on a grand staff or using the drag-and-drop feature.

Notation pad If you want a free notation app that works on Android devices , Notation Pad is the best option. It is also available free for iOS devices. The free version has all the tools to create simple compositions with the touch-friendly interface. This app also allows you to add lyrics to a piano composition, and it exports PDF or PNG files to share with your instructors and friends via email.

Best metronome for piano learning A metronome is an important practice tool for beginner and professional musicians alike.

The best piano learning programs we tested have metronomes built into their interfaces. Even so, we recommend getting a separate metronome that has more features than the ones included in the software. Here are some of our favorite digital metronomes: Soundbrenner pulse This unique wearable metronome represents the best technological advancement in time keeping since the inception of digital metronomes.

It is infinitely customizable and vibrates seven times stronger than a smartphone. The companion mobile app allows you to set the metronome to vibrate or flash, and you can create a setlist library with your favorite practice songs. You attach the silent, watch-like device to your arm, wrist or leg with the supplied strap and either tap the tempo into the wearable or set a tempo with the app. This easy-to-use app has a practice mode that gradually increases the tempo for a customizable length of time to help you work through a tricky phrase.

There are 13 tone options, including the all-important cowbell, or you can set the app to flash on your phone. Backing tracks for piano Backing tracks are a fun and effective way to practice improvisation, ear training and scale theory.

However, we recommend using backing tracks to improve rhythm while practicing scales you learn in beginner lessons. The user interface is attractive and easy to use, and the app has a virtual keyboard for practicing scales on the go.

The backing tracks sound great and include popular musical genres like pop, blues and jazz. There are eight different scales, including major, minor, blues and pentatonic, and the interface is a helpful aid for visualizing scale theory.

This app helps you create your own chord charts and upload them to the forum to share with other music students and professional players. Wiki Loops This online loop library has an intuitive interface that allows you to filter a vast library of backing tracks by musical genre and choose which instruments are excluded and included in the track.

Once you choose which instruments you want to play along with, you can further filter the results by tempo, meter and key. The website has a community board with tips about improvisation and ear training, and a forum with virtual open mic sessions that allow you to jam with other musicians.

The user interface is easy to use and allows you to adjust the tempo and add your favorite grooves to a list for quick and easy access. You play the loops through the speaker on your mobile device or sync to a TV or speaker system via Bluetooth or Airplay. Virtual Piano Apps The best online piano lesson platforms we tested include a virtual piano, which allows you to take lessons without a keyboard or acoustic piano. It is only available for iPhone and iPad , but it has eight different piano sounds sampled from actual instruments.

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Synthesia is a highly effective piano simulation game which lets you find and play with the piano straight from your PC. The program can teach you to play with the piano with fun and ease, and you can play with the keyboard following your abilities. Synthesia permits you to play with a habit MIDI file and to connect with MIDI devices, multiple exercise attributes, like Melody Practice which simplifies the tune if the user registers a note. Synthesia In melody practice, Synthesia will wait to play the perfect observe after which will flow beforehand.

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