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TeamViewer Portable 9.0.28223 (pc control, screen sharing) Released

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Tweet Remote access tool TeamViewer has left beta and been officially upgraded to version 9 with a host of time-saving tweaks and tools. The new release makes it much easier to start work. A Wake-on-LAN feature allows you to wake up computers remotely; desktop shortcuts for any computer can get you connected with a double-click; and you can carry out simple file transfers without having to first establish a connection. Transferring data between local and remote computers is now much more natural. Business users will benefit from the option to save customized customer modules with their preferred branding.
teamviewer 9 portable

TeamViewer 9 for Windows

Tweak software RV 4. Technology TeamViewer 9. Also includes sophisticated logging and reporting functionality for your connections. TeamViewer Manager is only included in the Premium licenses or higher.

Without a license, this download is restricted to a total of five partners and may be used for trial purposes. Open multiple connections in different tabs Open multiple remote sessions in tabs, just like in your browser.

For an optimal overview, you can also open all the monitors belonging to a remote computer in separate tabs. You won’t miss a thing because opened tabs will always flash when new activity occurs on the remote computer, e.

With the new Wake-on-LAN feature, you can now wake up your computer remotely whenever you need access. The wake feature simply works via another computer using TeamViewer within the local network or via a router. Detailed information can be found here. Protect your TeamViewer account with two factor authentication Protect your TeamViewer account against unauthorized access with two factor authentication, just in case your password happens to land in the wrong hands.

With an established authentication app e. Google Authenticator , you can simply generate a security code with your smartphone. Both the code and the password are requested during login. Ready for Windows 8. No problem. TeamViewer 9 is also optimized for those operating systems. You or your customers simply download the created module via an individual link.

Use the saved modules together with colleagues in your team. Create multiple, different modules, tailored to a customer, a group, or a support provider, as needed. Subsequent configurations are automatically applied to the modules already in use. Now see a live preview of your configurations. Your customer automatically receives the newest TeamViewer version during download.

Customize your download link, e. Copy and paste files, images, and text via the clipboard Copy files, folders, images, screenshots, text, and tables along with formatting from one computer to another via the clipboard. Simplified file transfer without establishing a connection Send files to computers and contacts from your list without first needing to establish a connection.

Using an FTP server to share large amounts of data or files that exceed your email attachment size limit is now a thing of the past. Starting now, simply use TeamViewer to share files with colleagues or customers in the blink of an eye. Process customer cases in the service queue together with your team Now organize instant customer support in your team more easily. All service cases are collected in your service queue and identified based on a session code.

You can now manually create a new session code and pass it on to your customer in the form of a link. Instead of sharing the TeamViewer ID and password, like you used to, the customer can now join the session directly with just a click.

Alternatively, a code is created automatically, as soon as the customer launches your customized TeamViewer QuickSupport. In this way, new customer cases are added to your service queue.

Manually create new session codes and send these to the customer in the form of a link. TeamViewer QuickSupport automatically creates new session codes when it is opened. Process incoming service cases together.

Assign service cases to yourself or colleagues. Establish connection via session code: Connect via a session code, without being bound to a specific device and without sharing a TeamViewer ID and password. Detailed information: View the status and details of all cases at a glance, e.

Use this information to create even more detailed connection and billing reports. Receive immediate notifications when new cases are submitted. TeamViewer API: Integrate this feature directly into your own application as well. TeamViewer functionalities into your own work environment: Automatic synchronization of TeamViewer accounts for the users you manage, e. Automatically import reports into your own software, e.

Import user lists from your company environment into the Management Console. Use service queue functions directly in your own software, e. Quick connection via desktop shortcut Add a shortcut to any computer so you can connect to it in the blink of an eye, any time, with just a double-click.

Stay informed, regardless of where you happen to be. Notifications will show you: Show your participant a video during a presentation or view YouTube videos on remote computers in real-time. Experience a new touch-friendly design. Important buttons convert automatically when you use TeamViewer on a touch device.

TeamViewer 9 features

TeamViewer Portable 7. Cons Useless if you are not a paying subscriber. Continuously disconnected me within a minute or so, with annoying pop-ups to buy subscription or service. Summary I would not rely on this program if I am not using the paid service. I think it would be nice to allow at least 15 minutes for non-commercial, home use. I was trying to assist a friend in another town , and the first time the connection lasted about 5 minutes or less, then subsequent connections were terminated at much shorter times about a minute roughly, then about 30 seconds , with the annoying, nagging message to “Buy” the service.

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Remote access tool TeamViewer has left beta and been officially upgraded to TeamViewer 9 and TeamViewer 9 Portable are available now. TeamViewer 9.x, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x, 5.x TeamViewer Host · TeamViewer Portable · TeamViewer pacchetto MSI TeamViewer per Controllo remoto v TeamViewer is proprietary software for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, Web Retrieved 9 June ^ “TeamViewer: Remote Control”. App Store. Apple. Retrieved 9 July ^ “TeamViewer: Remote Control”. Windows Store. Microsoft.

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