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TechSmith Snagit 13 (Download)

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Fortunately, creating engaging and informative visual content is easy with TechSmith Snagit Camtasia Best-in-Class Screen Recording and Easy-to-Use Video Creation Tool June Combining the power of best-in-class screen recording, with professional-quality, easy-to-use video editing, Camtasia also adds new library and theming features and support for high frame rate editing. So what would happen if businesses used more visual content for internal communications?
techsmith snagit 13

TechSmith Camtasia and Snagit Bundle

Snagit image: The capture interface allows you to capture screenshots, video and audio. Image 2 of 5 Snagit image: The editing tool allows you to trim unwanted footage. Image 3 of 5 Snagit image: For an additional touch to your video, add media from your computer.

Image 4 of 5 Snagit image: The Scrolling Capture tool allows you to take pictures of websites and other windows that are too large for a single screenshot. Image 5 of 5 Snagit image: Snagit is a sister program to Camtasia Studio, one of our top-ranked video capture products. And while Snagit focuses more on taking still screenshots, it’s still pretty good capture software. The big difference is that Camtasia has a full array of video-editing tools while Snagit’s editing tools are almost exclusively designed for still images.

Snagit has one of the most compact and intuitive interfaces of the applications we reviewed. There are three modules to choose from: All-in-One, Image and Video. All-in-One allows you to capture what’s going on your screen and take screenshots without interrupting your recording. Image and Video are self-explanatory: They both give you expanded options for capturing screen shots and videos.

The screenshot tool not only captures images of your entire screen, it also gives you the option to capture specific windows, regions or applications. One of the more useful screenshot tools is the “scrolling window” feature, which lets you capture images that are longer than your computer screen without the need to manually scroll while you record the screen. Snagit also integrates easily with other capturing tools, like your computer’s webcam or microphone.

It also allows you to capture your system’s audio so your audience can hear what’s happening on your computer instead of just seeing it. When you add in the microphone, the application allows you to do even more, like record video calls from VoIP applications such as Skype.

The image-editing options in Snagit are excellent. However, the program comes up short when it comes to video-editing tools. This is unsurprising since Snagit is mainly a screen-capture program, but you can use the editor to trim away unwanted footage. If you want more advanced editing tools like pan and zoom, titles and annotations, you’ll need to invest in a separate video-editing program. If you want a full array of video-editing tools, be sure to investigate the Movavi Screen Capture software.

During the testing phase of our review, we created identical projects using each application on our lineup. Our video experts examined the results and found that Snagit’s video quality was among the best. It only suffered from minor pixelation and hesitation problems in the picture, and the sound was perfect.

Only the programs in the top tier of our side-by-side comparison yielded higher-quality results. For a program that mainly focuses on taking still screenshots, Snagit yields an impressive performance as video capture software.

It ranked dead center on our lineup. It has most of the screen-recording tools we look for and an impressive image-editing module, but not very many options for enhancing video. Nevertheless, it produces good-quality videos you can use for presentations, tutorials and much more. Today’s best Snagit 13 deals?

True Know-How

With Snagit 13 on Windows or Snagit 4 on Mac, you can do more than you have ever been able to do before. Not only are we introducing new features into Snagit, we have overhauled a number of existing functions; you asked and we listened. Snagit understands that everyone works differently and as such, is the most malleable version of Snagit available to date. Make Snagit yours and see how it transforms into your get-things-done-faster tool. With adaptability comes possibility. While we have made many improvements and added a slew of new features there are a few improved features that I would like to highlight below. Each of these lists are links to separate threads and to keep things organized and on topic, I would love it if you could head over there to carry on conversations regarding these particular features; your feedback is highly valued and I want to make sure it goes to the right people!

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The first difference with the others captors is that SnagIt allows you to capture any video image without having to SnagIt. TechSmith. 1. safe download. Snagit latest version: Innovative and Professional Communications Made Easy. Snagit is an innovative software application that is used primarily for screen capture and screen Developer. Techsmith | More Programs (11). Snagit is a popular software developed by TechSmith for screen capture and screen recording. It is used to Capture screen, Edit images and Record video.

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