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Package also contains many additional nice icons for your button bar. Allows to replace standard icons of objects of files panels, and also an icon of the window of the program. In a set there are all possible icons on a transparent background the sizes 16 and Recommended for a light background of panels light-grey, white, beige. The set is developed within of project “Total Commander iMP-pack”.
total commander theme

Double Commander – Russian free Total Commander

Linux Double Commander – Russian free Total Commander Double Commander is a cross platform open source file manager with two panels side by side. It is inspired by Total Commander and features some new ideas.

It is written in Lazarus – some people think that pascal is a language for learning only. But on the other hand, it is possible to implement support for plugins from Total Commander easily, a little speed up development and give the user a choice of libraries to display the user interface QT or GTK – are relevant only for Linux.

It is not used very often, but if something is missing – take it there. By default, there is quite a few buttons, the usefulness is questionable. In the screenshot the main used programs are placed: GIMP, a notepad, a browser, a player. Personally, I have it all either on the desktop or in the Quick Launch toolbar. I have used them occasionally in Total Commander, but in Double Commander somehow immediately liked the selection button of the current drive in the 4 line.

I left only the button. The 4 line except buttons drive has useful buttons on the right: However, with just one tab it is not rational to display it as on-screen space is wasted. There you can see a full path. If you lose where you are, it is enough to look at this line and everything will be clear: The standard behavior is to click for sorting, pull the edge to resize.

As a result, my Double Commander looks like this: And modern Windows 10 version: By the way, the preferences dialog is rather intuitive, friendly and pleasant. It was a pleasure to set up a program for myself. For example, to get a Double Commander as in the previous screenshot, I used the following layout configuration: A little more cool features of Double Commander.

This means that to go to the directory you can press Enter or the right arrow. To return to the directory above – the left arrow. At the result you can easily work using the keyboard arrows only. That is, you simply start typing the file name on the keyboard and the cursor automatically moves to the closest match. Well, the most important super opportunity is the support for plugins from Total Commander. You can find it on page http: Periodically you need to download a music form Linux-partition, watch some config files.

To run a separate program for that is lazy and strange. Also with version 1. The viewer also has no problems with viewing text files and allows you to change the encoding on the fly. Installing the plugins into Double Commander is exactly 3 times harder than Total Commander: D This means that just to click 2 times on the archive is not enough – you need to unpack it anywhere. For simplicity, I extract it to a subfolder plugins of program. By the way for the functioning of the UTF-8 do not forget to create a file ex2fs.

The content is: Thus, the shortcomings of Double Commander: It is slow. Of course not really, but for a while waiting for the opening of the directory still exists. Total Commander displays the contents almost instantly. No wrapping in the embedded text editor. Built-in viewer and editor as a whole looks very good and promising.

However, to date version 0. The project is under active development. Periodically, there are disadvantages or drawbacks. This is especially evident when using the plugins from Total Commander – Double Commander periodically issues an error and crashes. Have to restart ; Not everything is rosy for Linux.

For example, I still have a very slow rendering when resizing the window with the mouse. Frankly speaking, I have not used Double Commander on Linux for a long time and do not plan to do it – mc Midnight Commander is our all: I do not like light color theme for my files.

So I changed a colors a bit: A great free alternative! Despite some minor shortcomings, you can forget about proprietary Total Commander and use the free Double Commander.

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Readme file readme. Whatsnew file whatsnew. The application recognizes if there are any external language file s in the utility’s directory NOT in subdir! Saving the list of the created directories to the treeinfo.

VIDEO: How to create a Child theme | Themes4WP Documentation

Are you tested on Double or Total Commander? . be able to copy the code to the clipboard with the syntax coloring of the current theme intact. Supports syntax highlighting for many languages, code folding, tree structure, autocomplete, support for many encodings, customizable hotkeys, themes and. Total Commander for Windows Phone – file Manager, ftp Client, ZIP packer and unpacker with AES encryption Support. Description of the used.

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