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WavePad Sound Editor 8.36

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WavePad is a music and audio editor for Windows PC computers. WavePad allows you to create and edit voice, music and other sound recordings. You can duplicate sections of recordings and add echo, amplification, noise reduction and other effects. Last update 16 Apr. Read the editor’s review Screenshots of Wavepad Free Audio and Music Editor View more screenshots Wavepad Free Audio and Music Editor Editor’s Review If you are an amateur music producer, musician or just interested in sound, the chances are you will want to use some audio editing software.
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Wavepad Free

Offers all of the popular audio filters and tools for editing files. Accepts all of the major audio file times for uploaded tracks. Can take time to learn how to use, making it not-so-user-friendly.

May occasionally crash, and if work is not saved, it can easily get lost. It supports several of the major audio file formats and has a sleek interface. Additionally, completed files are compressible, making them take up less space on your had drive. Non-destructive application; it will not alter audio unless necessary, just like other applications on this list. Both convenient and intuitive in how it is set up and works, making it easy once users get the hang of it. It is difficult to install with the self-extracting ZIP because the automatic installation does not function well.

It is best to extract the download file manually simply. It is recommended because of the resons below: Power Sound Editor Free is such a tool to provides high-quality editing features and resulting audio files for free.

Security Yes, there are many free tools out there but none of them are safe enough for your system to use. They secretly install stuff on your computer: Some else may be better but they require your personal info for registration: Power Sound Editor Free asks nothing in return. Power Sound Editor Free is able to record audio from whatever sound resources — stereo mix, microphone, line-in, LP, online streaming, etc. It can record the sound you hear and then automatically load the recording in the audio editor for further editing.

Sound Editing As for its inborn duty, Power Sound Editor Free does the audio editing like most other sound editors do, nothing less: You can perform all the operation visually on a waveform with Bookmark and Region Marker tools. Meanwhile, there is a sub-millisecond selection tool to upgrade your ability to manipulate audio to a professional level.

Power Sound Editor Free can edit an existing audio file or load an audio track from an audio CD directly. Power Sound Editor Free provides a series of audio effects and filters to tweak your audio.

Effects provided: Filters provided: It describes a set of complicated parameters with easy and understandable words so that we know what to expect when we choose a certain option. It provides preset for all the sound effects and you can pre-listen to the processed before you actually apply them to the sound file.

It also provides presets for quality adjustment when you output the audio. Meanwhile, the fast access of the presets can also help pros to do some quick work. The manual parameter settings is still provided and recommended for experts with very specific needs.

Noise Reduction If you have recorded some music from the old vinyls and cassette tapes, the noise is unavoidable. However, Power Sound Editor Free can minimize the harm those noises do to your recording. It can reduce the pops, hiss, cracks, breath, etc. Tag Editing For music fans who have countless musical files, tag info is necessary. It can help set items like filename, released year, album, artist, genre, cover art, etc.

Meanwhile, you can directly load a track from an Audio CD into the editor and save it as an audio file to your harddrive. Before ripping the track, you can click a button to link to a free CD database to get all the tracks automatically renamed according to the published album. Text to Speech A text to speech tool is built-in to convert your text into human voice.

You can paste your words to make them spoken and save the voice as an audio file; also, you can directly convert the text to speech and insert it into any position of the loaded audio. The added file will be displayed as a waveform. Step 2. Edit the Sound File and Add Audio Effects Drag the cursor on the waveform to select the part you want to perform the editing operations you want.

Step 3. Save the Sound File Before you save the sound file, you must ensure it is the exactly the result you want. Click the play button at the bottom to play it back. If it is not what you expect, you can always undo the operations to make things right.

It could be a steady assistant for your routine or a temp solution to save the day.

Wavepad Free Audio and Music Editor Publisher’s Description

Software Review A sound editor with effects and features Wavepad Audio Editing is a powerful and easy to use sound editor that gives you lots of control over your music. Using this tool you can fine tune and tweak your songs with great precision. You can use Wavepad Audio Editing to apply a large range of effects to a large selection of audio formats. Whether you want to just clean up a bad recording, trim an overly long song, get rid of dead space or even grab a sample, this program will do it all.

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Wavepad Free is a very well-designed and extremely flexible sound editor for the Windows operating system. It functions both as an audio. All platforms: Free audio editing application WavePad Sound Editor can help you WavePad is a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux. WavePad Free Audio Editing for Android (Android), free and safe download. while after editing the sound files users then have the option of storing them in the.

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