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What is Alljoyn Router Service and How to Disable it?

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what is alljoyn router

What is Alljoyn Router Service Windows 10 ?

Alljoyn Router service is a built-in Windows program that all Windows 10 systems come with now. This piece of software is open source and It is a sort of communication bridge for Windows 10 systems and the Internet of Things. My computer has been getting slower and slower over time. I sat down with my Windows 10 computer and began erasing programs, turning off tasks and looking for different ways to speed up my system. At first, I thought that maybe it was some form of a virus that was slowing my computer down, and I did a bunch of research on it.

What is the Windows Service? One of the first things that you need to know if you want to make your computer run as effectively as possible is what Windows services are and what their purpose is. These services are basically programs that run in the background. They are programs that run without showing you any indicators that they are running. The programs all have small jobs like enabling your computer to print out documents or allowing your computer to connect to a nearby wireless network by using your built-in wireless card.

There are dozens of different services, some come with Windows 10, and others are added to your computer as you download additional software programs. The services all run in the background and your system would lose key capabilities if you shut any of those services off. Few people know much about the service or what its purpose is, but we came up with answers with some research. Understanding What Alljoyn Router Service: After plenty of research, we learned that the Alljoyn Router service is a built-in program that all Windows 10 systems come with now.

The service starts up with your system and it remains running all the time on most systems. Whether that matters to you or not really depends on how you feel about the Internet of Things and smart devices though.

What is the Internet of Things? In short, the IoT is just an interconnected network of smart devices throughout a space. Today you can purchase smart toasters, vacuums, refrigerators, television sets, cameras, thermostats, light bulbs and much more.

These devices use different operating systems and connection methods than what your Windows 10 computer uses. Internet of Things devices enables you to check up on the status of more devices around your home and to take control of these different products as well.

The Alljoyn Router Service enables your computer to more effectively connect with all those other devices and to communicate with them.

Without the service, you would need additional software in order to help you effectively communicate with those specialty devices. Now that you know what the Alljoyn router service is, and what purpose it has, you can decide whether or not you want to leave it running on your system.

If you have a bunch of smart devices throughout your home, and you want to be able to connect to them with your computer, it makes sense to leave the service running. Many people never utilize their computers to talk with these devices, and instead, use mobile devices to take on that task instead and act as a sort of control hub for the home.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of the Service? There are some very real benefits to disabling the Alljoyn router service, and the most prominent one is freeing up resources on your system that can be used for something else instead. The only drawback to disabling the service is losing the ability to connect with many Internet of Things devices. Most modern-day computers have high-powered processors and lots of RAM to work with.

How to Disable the Alljoyn Router Service: Below is a brief tutorial to walk you through the process to disable it. As long as you are willing to follow along with the supplied steps you can cancel the service, get back the resources and use your computer with just a bit more power available from then on.

After all, if a time comes when you want to make use of the service in the future, you can follow the same steps outlined above to turn the service on instead of off. Primary Sidebar Subscribe to Fibermaze Please subscribe for exclusive content and updates. No spam ever! I don’t share your email and I have about as much time to create spam as you have to spend reading it!

Restore Default Startup Type for AllJoyn Router Service

In fact every single smart-device in my home is accessible via AllJoyn. Most of that work is available as a set of repos on GitHub as well. However did I waste my time doing this? But please do use the comment section to add additional viewpoints.

VIDEO: Services – AllJoyn Router Service

Provides ability to find and connect to devices to do interesting things. Core libraries interact with the AllJoyn Router. Provides access control and encryption. AllSeen Alliance. 4. High-Level System Architecture. AllJoyn Bus is composed of two types of nodes: – AllJoyn Router (R). – Applications (App). You must mean AllJoyn, as in the AllJoyn Router Service (off by default if anyone Driven by the AllSeen Alliance, AllJoyn is an open-source.

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