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Avast Free fails to install on win 10 Home 64 bit

August 14, , It still fails the Smart Scan. I already did the reinstall, no change.
why is my avast scan failing

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It seems like its a virus in itself and was very difficult to remove even with assistance. Sad but true Where can one find a good registry cleaner? I had a VCOM fix it utility at one time but it is very old. Are there just registry cleaners out there without all of the other baggage? Any recommendations? The best Registry Cleaner is no one I mean, manual removal with high care and knowledge. The products most likely to possess these qualities are those that are conservative in operation and confine their cleaning to removing definite and unambiguous errors.

I say this because I have seen as many problems created by registry cleaners as problems solved. This view flies in the face of many who consider, for whatever reason, that the best registry cleaner is the one that finds the most problems. To me such products can be dangerous and not worth owning. One of its best features is a regularly updated “blacklist” of registry values that should not be cleaned. I’m sure this contributes to the products excellent record of causing few problems.

Remember though, as with every Registry cleaner, to back up your Windows Registry before use. A reasonable alternative is Eusing Free Registry Cleaner [2]. I’ve only had a couple of reports of it causing problems but it has an easy to use backup and recovery feature that will help you out should you get into trouble. CCleaner see section 37 , the class-leading disk cleaner has an inbuilt registry cleaner as well.

However I’d never leave anything as critical as registry cleaning to a general purpose product; you really need a specialist utility. It’s now a commercial products though you can still find the last free version of jv16 [3] on the web.

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Thanks for your reply COLgeek, I left the PC on overnight disconnected from the web, ran DISM then sfc, upon checking just now I found that Avast has successfully installed, how long it took I have no idea but many thanks for your response. A bit of background is that I had Bitdefender free installed for some time with no problem, then it was updated to the online free version which failed to install repeatedly. I uninstalled Bitdefender but could not get Windows Defender to run properly it only would run periodic scans hence the need for another AV program. Cheers Glad to hear everything got installed smoothly. It’s possible that some remnant of the Bitdefender installation was interfering somehow; I would check to make sure that it is removed fully. Bitdefender does provide a removal tool for this purpose:

VIDEO: Failed Boot Scan

I have the free version of avast. I scanned twice in a row because the scan reported that it failed to scan for viruses the first time and the same. You can determine the sensitivity of the scan by adjusting the scan sensitivity . If repair is not possible, the file is moved to the Virus Chest, and if that fails the. OK, this is not a coincidence: for the third time this week Avast pops itself up after having done a Smart Scan hours earlier. But it does so at.

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