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Windows 7 Slic Loader 2.4.9 | 1.5 MB

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I downloaded the slic loader v1. I then tried the last version 2. I could use my computer for like 3 or 4 days without any problem until now. I didn’t change anything related to windows or the loader but now I have this black screen at startup that prevent windows from loading.
windows 7 slic loader

Download Windows Loader v2.2.2 by Dar to Activate Your Windows

Download Windows Loader 3. Restart your computer after the installation. Enjoy your permanently activated genuine Windows and Office copies! Sep Update: Windows defender now blocks Windows Loader. If you experience this problem, please turn off Windows Defender Realtime Protection before downloading! Oct Update: Bypasses Windows Genuine Validation check. Also works inside a virtual machine. Keep the system files secured from malicious attacks. What is Windows Loader? As mentioned earlier, Win Loader is a tool designed to activate many Microsoft products without using genuine licenses.

Who is behind it? Well, to answer this question, I have to mention about the TeamDaz. How It Actually Works? When you click the activate button, first it tries to connect to one of the KMS servers available.

After it successfully established a connection with a KMS server, it downloads the necessary token files.

It can be Office , Windows 8, Office or anything. How It Modifies the System Registry? A good question! First it finds the unique registry path containing the KMS activation entries on your windows installation.

It is different from one installations to another installation. Finally, it create an additional registry key for logging purposes and save the current time stamp to it.

That is the only change it makes to the windows registry and it will help you to debug any errors usually occurs while the KMS activation process. You may feel it like a simple process after reading above paragraph.

How to donate and support the TeamDAZ? Wanna know how? Read on! You can support the development of Windows loader by donating your contributions to our Paypal address. For privacy reasons we are not posting our Paypal email here.

Version History Fixed bugs associated with Windows 10 Activation.

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Ok i know i was the one who posted this. But its okay, i found out how to do. Did it also and it worked perfectly. I did it from the Upgrade disk i had.

VIDEO: High Technology: Windows 7 Loader/Vista Slic Loader x86 and x64 by omdhar

Windows 7 Loader/Vista Slic Loader (x86 and x64) | mb. Activator without further ado activate your copy of Windows Vista & 7 and. I wanted to know how to get rid of the Grub loader. I googled it and found that you can restore the windows (didnt find nwything for windows 7). The loader applica tion displays the message “BAD SLIC SIZE” or “BAD . Added BenQ Windows 7 Home Premium key * Added Seneca SLIC.

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