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How to refresh, reset, or restore your PC

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How to upgrade to Windows 8. Print Windows 8 is the latest Microsoft operating system. If you have a computer running a previous version of Windows, you may be thinking about upgrading to the latest one.
windows 8.1 complete

HP & Windows 8.1 Update

This actually was a pretty handy tool among savvy users to backup Windows installation files, documents, device driver, desktop applications and even the new modern apps in Windows 8, to recover in case of hard drive failure, malware, and many other problems. The software giant may have many reasons for this decision, a few of those reasons could be that creating a system image can potentially carryover bad program installation, malware, and many other issues — or perhaps Microsoft understands that starting from scratch is the best solution —.

But it seems that the main reason is because Windows 8 includes new recovery tools, such as Refresh your PC , Reinstall everything , File History, and SkyDrive which not only allows to store documents in the cloud, but also can store PC settings and roam them between all your Windows 8 devices.

Instructions 1 Go to the Start screen, type cmd, from the results, right-click and select Run as administrator. This far you created a custom system image of Windows 8. To verify if this is true, type the following command on the Command Prompt: Keep in mind that if the operating system does not find the the custom system image, it will fall back to the default image or installation media when a refresh is perform.

You cannot use a custom recovery image to reset your PC, you can only use it to refresh. Restoring your PC with a custom recovery image In Windows 8.

The only change is the location, now to get to the recovery options in Windows 8. Finally, click Next, Refresh and wait until Windows 8. Quick Tip: In the Advanced startup menu choose Troubleshoot, then Refresh your PC, choose the operating system, and follow the onscreen instructions.

File History Thus far you created a backup of the operating system and desktop applications, now the second part on creating a full backup of Windows 8. This is a new tool in Windows 8 that basically allows you to backup all your files on the daily basis. To learn how to configure and use Time Machine like feature read the following guide: Backing up PC settings with SkyDrive Even though, refresh takes care of keeping moderns apps, user profiles, personal settings, you can also make sure these settings are safe off your PC.

Thanks to the new deep integration of SkyDrive in Windows 8. To backup your settings, go to PC settings, SkyDrive, Sync settings, and make sure Sync settings on this PC is turned-on, and finally choose the settings you want to save in the cloud. Remember that settings could take some time to sync, if you are enabling them for the first time. Wrapping up Although, this process of full backup in Windows 8. If you think about it, this process actually makes more sense in theory , because unless you do a full backup at least every week, the files to recover will always be out of date and many others files because of the time gap will not even get backed up making the recovery inconsistent.

The only problem I see with this process is that it will not protect your PC from hardware failure. But as it turns out there is a workaround, you can install a fresh copy of Windows 8.

Installing Windows 8.1 on SSD

Windows 8. A complete list of changes and new features Windows 8. A complete list of changes and new features By Ryan Whitwam on June 27, at 8: Terms of use.

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Home» Fix» Fix ‘System Restore Did not Complete Successfully’ Error in Windows 10//8. For various PC problems, we recommend this tool. Some people complain that they encounter the issue of Windows could not complete the installation after update. This post shows you the. MCSA Windows Complete Study Guide: Exams , , and is organized to provide the knowledge you’ll need to support Windows

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