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Windows Movie Maker is no longer available for download

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Windows 10 bit, Windows 10 bit, Windows 8. Add visual effects, transitions, sound, and headlines to make it a better story. Share your created movie with everyone.
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Windows Movie Maker

Windows 10 bit, Windows 10 bit, Windows 8. Add visual effects, transitions, sound, and headlines to make it a better story. Share your created movie with everyone. It was part of the Windows Essentials package. Here are 10 of those things: It was discontinued On January 10, , Windows Movie Maker was officially discontinued and no official substitute was announced.

Although discontinued, the software can still be used in machines that already had it. There are also some sites offering free downloads to it. Fake Software Although some sites really provide a safe download for the original software that is no longer available through official ways, there are some taking the opportunity to do harm. Fake versions of the software are being downloaded from fraudulent sites, boosted by the recent optimization of their search engines.

Thanks to that, those sites are able to reach the top results in search sites, fooling a lot of people with a sense of security. The fake version asks for money to function properly, claiming that it is only a test version and needs to be upgraded to offer full service. But when you pay for the upgrade, you discover that it really does nothing. Be aware of what you download out there! It is free Windows Movie Maker was originally part of the Windows Essentials, and it was completely free.

That pack was offered together with every version of Windows since Windows ME. Quality Although very criticized by some, the software is not supposed to be used as a tool for professional video editing.

The critics focused their complaints on the lack of more advanced functions, that would permit more professional level results. It was said the transition effects gave the movies an amateur look and the audio mix was not good at all. The beta showed a new interface, designed to make the use of the program even more simple and intuitive. The alpha program, launched in , had plenty of modifications if compared with the old version.

The developers heard the critics and focused on making the perfect tool for editing videos of up to 5 minutes — with soundtrack — and immediately be able to upload them online.

For those who want only to mess around with videos and have fun while doing it, this may be the perfect software. It offers a lot of different effects and transitions to work with and, even if it does not give an amazing look to the video, it can be very fun to experiment with for amateur enthusiasts. Frustrating If it is fun for amateur users, it may as well be the contrary for more advanced ones.

As it is designed to be intuitive and simple for beginners, it may be very much the contrary for someone used to better, more professional software.

Another thing that usually is pegged to the windows 10 movie maker is its fame for crashing all the time. It unexpectedly freezes and crashes, usually right when you need it the most. If that can be frustrating and annoying to a beginner, imagine for a professional, who needs to finish his job on time. Remember to save constantly! Practical One of the rare things that were worthy of complimenting on the Windows Movie Maker was its practicality.

When the video was done, it could be easily saved as two of the most common video archive types,. Photos Videos sure are the main product of the Movie Maker, but not the only one. Given its intuitive interface, even more on the Live version that has adopted the Ribbon interface , it can be easily used to make photo presentations.

With added effects, subtitles or soundtrack, those photo presentations became one of the most used functionalities of the program. Hope for the future Microsoft has not announced a substitute to the movie maker windows 10, which made its many fans throughout the world claim for a new version or even a whole new program.

Besides the many critics, the Movie Maker was probably the most used editing software of the world, due to its simplicity and, of course, lack of cost. The word on the streets, yet to be confirmed, is that an app for Windows 10 may come with the same functionalities of the Movie Maker.

The fans are anxious. If there will be a new version or similar program, no one knows yet. It will be missed by some, but there are others who celebrate its demise. Which side are you on? Primary Sidebar.

Download Movie Maker for Windows

Contact Windows Movie Maker Software with the incredible advances in technology, making your very own high quality movies from the comfort of your home has now become possible and quite affordable, too. Not too long ago, home made movies looked and felt exactly that — homemade. But now, advanced hardware and software technology has provided virtually the whole world, amateurs and experts alike, with a plethora of best movie maker software that can make a homemade video look, sound and feel professionally created. In fact, with the help of these software, several movies developed and created by amateurs, like the Blair Witch Project movie, have garnered multiple international awards and even went on to conquer the top spot in the box office hits.

VIDEO: Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10/8/7/XP | Download

Download Windows Live Movie Maker for Windows. Fast downloads of the latest free software! Click now. Windows Movie Maker is the free version of software used to edit or create videos In order to run Movie Maker perfectly in Windows , you need to copy the. Platform: Windows/Mac | Free trial: 7 days | Upload straight to YouTube: The Magic Movie Wizard is the ultimate example, paring the task of.

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