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Now my WinRAR makes my life easier with too many archive files. I would be lost without WinRAR software. It is very user friendly and fast. Thank you for being easy part of a busy life. Ricky David My PC is now working absolutely fine.
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See our WinZip Basic Information page to learn more. Protect Your Data! These days, most people have software to protect their computer from viruses and spyware. But what about a hard drive crash? Or fire, water damage or theft? Have you ever deleted an important file by accident?

Do your files contain personal information about your identity? The reality is, these threats are just as real, as serious and as devastating if not more so as most viruses, yet studies show that very few home users back up their files on a regular basis or protect personal information that should remain confidential. And, you can put confidential files in an encrypted Zip file to protect them no matter where or how they are stored or sent.

It’s a HUGE time saver and lets you back up your data regularly without having to think about it. That means that you can skip a step because there’s no need to zip to your hard drive first. Large Zip files will even span multiple disks automatically. And whether you chose Standard or Pro, you’ll have the ability to view all files at-a-glance and drill down quickly thanks to our Explorer-style view.

Any Windows Explorer user will feel right at home using this new feature to navigate and organize complex, multi-folder Zip files. Compress Your Photos to Save Disk Space Each year, you take more digital photos causing your collection of photo files to consume more disk space.

The Zip from Camera wizard helps you automatically zip all images or only selected images. For cameras that support orientation tags, WinZip even “auto-rotates” your photos, saving you the steps to manually rotate photos before adding them to a Zip file. View and Work with Compressed Photos The Explorer View in WinZip can display thumbnails of each photo, making it easy to quickly browse or rename them and delete those that you don’t want to keep.

You can even create folders in the Zip file and then drag and drop photos into them to better organize your collection. Send Selected Photos A Zip file has long been a convenient way to package photos and other files before sending them.

Now with WinZip, it’s easier than ever to share photos. With Send Selected, you select the files to share — any kind of file, not just photos — and attach them to an email as a new Zip file. For even faster file sharing, users can easily resize selected pictures and attach them to an e-mail as a new Zip file, while leaving the original pictures unchanged.

View Full-sized Photos in a Zip File The built-in Image Viewer in WinZip Pro lets you view compressed photos as a slide show, rotate, resize, or delete pictures all without extracting them from the Zip package, so you can quickly and efficiently manage and share photos.

Did you think WinZip was free? Many people have this misconception probably because we offer a free evaluation version , but WinZip has never been free software. So if you plan to use WinZip beyond the evaluation period, please be sure to buy your official license. Need to upgrade from a previous version of WinZip? Use Microsoft Outlook? If so, you should also consider WinZip Courier. This useful product will allow you to zip and encrypt outgoing e-mail attachments in one simple step to help you: Learn more about WinZip Courier at the product information page.


WinZip Disk Tools Increase the speed and stability of your hard drive with trusted all-in-one maintenance. WinZip Disk Tools scans your hard drive for performance improvements and safely cleans junk files to optimize your disk space. Maintain a healthy hard drive and enjoy increased storage space with these essential tools. Its thorough search function identifies duplicate files and helps you quickly delete them. The software boosts data access speeds and overall system performance, making it easier than ever to load programs and complete important tasks. You can fix hard drive issues, run benchmark tests, and enable other special features that help you better understand and manage the health and performance levels of your drive. Trusted and Recommended WinZip Disk Tools is recommended by industry experts as the trusted solution for quick and effective hard drive care.

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Winzip is the world’s leading zip utility for file compression, encryption, sharing, . To Download WinZip: 1. Use your browser to surf to 2. On the WinZip home page, click on “Download Evaluation Version”. 3. This will. If an expired WinZip trial has prevented you from successfully opening “.zip” files downloaded with the MassTransit Web Client, you can tell Windows to stop.

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